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Throughout Hair Fair, the committee gets such lovely IMs from residents about how much they look forward to, and enjoy the event each year. I have never held onto those IMs, but this year decided to do a post that enables them to be archived somewhere for all to see.

Whether you are resident who attends the event, one of the participants, a bandana creator, blogger or one of the committee, I hope that you will share how much you have enjoyed this event by leaving a comment.

Thank you

Hair Fair Committee

Sasy Scarborough

Whimsy Winx

Mel Vanbeeck

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  1. Kinamalie

     /  July 24, 2016


    I wanted to take da time to say this is the one yearly event that I wait for and Love to attend. Every year I have attended dis event I have been nothing but amazed.

    All of the hard work, long hours, & creativity invested shows and reflects during the entire event. There really are not enough words that could describe it all.

    I for one appreciate all of the investment by each and every person involved in the project. :-)~

    I am a disabled veteran and I work for the one of the VA hospitals (as admin support) but next to that hospital is a child’s cancer center and temporary housing. I also see at least 2-5 cancer patients everyday.

    Each and everyone of them are walking miracles and inspirations for me to not feel sorry for myself even though my medical issues are complex.

    I believe all cancer survivors are warriors just like my beloved island warriors and their Ohana = families are Ali i = royalty.

    The efforts of all the individuals that work so hard to support these warriors are not forgotten but the strength and empowerment of all involved.

    Life is a balance and we all have our place in it all. The best part is we all can do something positive to keep that balance where it needs to be.

    Thank you all for your hard work, long hours, & creativity. Each of you are truly amazing!


    Kalama Aie

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and the IM I got earlier, it is lovely to hear that Hair Fair means so much to people.

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  3. I have been part of Hair Fair Since 2007. I had an idea for Bandanas and Bandana Day in Second Life, IMd the founder Six Kennedy about it and instead of just running with it, or ignoring the 1 year old resident, she brought me into the committee and let me organise it. I was suddenly in a skype call with all of the Hair People and in awe of how close they all were and how excited they were about this event. Bandana Day and the making of the Bandanas allowed people like me, a resident who wanted to contribute in some way that chance, and the Hair Fair committee embraced and loved the idea of that, that it was as Hair Fair will always be, a community spirit.

    I have met new Hair creators over the years that have told me that they also attended the event, not yet creating hair, but that it was their goal to end up there one day. That the event is ten years strong is because of those goals, that drive and the giving nature of Second Life as a community.

    Even though not a hair creator, with the incredible committee members Whimsy Winx and Mel Vanbeeck who donate their time and creativity and many months a year to make this event possible, we get to contribute in this way. The committee members that have left us over the years have done wonderful things to make each and every year something that has just grown into a beloved event. I myself am so honored to be part of it, and so grateful that Second Life gives us all the opportunity to help Wigs for Kids in this way.

    Sasy Scarborough

  4. I’m blogger in Second Life since a long time and each year, i wait so long the Fair that i love in SL : The Hair Fair! For me, hairs are so amazing. I’m happy because i have the honor to have the early access, which give me the opportunity to see what i need, what i want and all designers are so nice, and pretty creatives each year.
    About the goal of this wonderful event, how can be more nicer? I mean “Wigs for kids” is so important for us, to help this charity. Sometimes i’m disappointed about SL and the behavior of people over but when i see all the energy that you take EVERY YEAR to make that possible, it gives me hope ♥ Hair Fair gives a lot of Love!

  5. Hey Hair Fair team! Another great Hair Fair and as every year it is so exciting to see what everyone comes up with. As a creator I really appreciate how well it is all organised, with the countdown and reminders of every important step in the timeline. I would even make more than the maximum of 5 new styles to contribute to the good cause with my talent. Rock on! 🙂

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    Hey guys! I saw a post on the Hair Fair website that is asking everyone to give their feedback on the event. I know a lot of people have told me that they look forward to Hair Fair every year, and that it is a tradition of theirs to attend, or even blog it. I think this would make for wonderful feedback, so when you get a chance, head on over and let the organizers know how much Hair Fair means to you ^^

  7. For the past years I have been coming to the Hair Fair and this year surpasses them all ~ as a early access just loved being able to zip around, even now the lag is almost nothing ~ the build, the colors, the designers just truly put a huge smile on my face ~ and lastly but never ever least is the cause this is for ~ how teary I get thinking of how we are helping a child and the love from so many in SL really comes together…thank you for another great Hair Fair ~ big big hugzz

  8. It’s always a pleasure to be a part of Hair Fair. Whenever the notices roll out that it’s on it’s way, I get so incredibly excited mostly because, the cause is such a special one. Even if I’m only making a slight dent in a chance at happiness for these children, then that just makes me feel so incredible in my RL. Makes me smile!! I’m so happy Second Life opens opportunity like this to give back. I’m so happy to be a part of it. ♥

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  10. Asthenia

     /  July 25, 2016

    I think I say this every year, but I love Hair Fair because it’s one of the (or probably even the best) organized events out there. The layout of the sims is clear, locations are posted early and are accurate (no sloppy work here), the sim design is fun and themed without being laggy or crazy. The overall communication about the event is flawless. More importantly the designer selection is always a well-balanced mix of well known designers and newer brands, which is something that excites me as a shopper.
    And in my opinion, shoppers need to be excited so they’ll spend because Wigs for Kids needs all the money it can get 🙂

  11. Rhiannon

     /  July 25, 2016

    I have just loved Hair Fair this year – I was able to get in fairly quickly, and on the first day too! That’s a pretty rare occurrence, lol! Thank you so much for running this event, thank you for providing so many funds for a great cause, and thank you especially for making the experience of being at the fair such a pleasant surprise. 🙂

  12. Sandra jphnson

     /  July 25, 2016

    I look forward to this event every year not only to see new style these awsome creators have yo offer but to help with such a worthy causr

  13. To all that is involved in Hair Fair
    For sure my favorite shopping event of second life.
    Considder myself a lucky girl to have early access so I can shop without lag so there is no holding back on spending all my lindens on new pixel wigs.
    The good cause Wigs for Kids is a huge extra bonus.
    A standing ovation and a deep bow to all the hair creators and designers and last not least kisses on the noses to the people on the Hair Fair Committee

    Sasy Scarborough

    Whimsy Winx

    Mel Vanbeeck

    Hope to see you all next year.

    With kind regards and with love , inkie Loudwater

  14. Thank you, really thank you very much, you can not imagine how useful all this, a fantastic event, satisfying and divertente.Molti between avatars that I saw were new players, and give them the opportunity to start the game with the best hair sl. This is fantastic and I appreciate the work of all hair builders and all the staf of this fiera.Applausi ven in the sim manufacturer. (And to all of you, that you allow to write to us)
    StixGes resident

  15. Since long before I started making hair, Hair Fair has been one of my favourite events in Second Life – one can never have enough hair and what can be better than feeding your addiction and helping kids at the same time?

    Once I started making hair, I was hoping to be one day good enough to get invited into Hair Fair, and here I am now for the second year. I love this event, the excitement, the spirit of community, the tradition, the giving – it all shows all the best of what Second Life is about.

    To many more Hair Fairs! 🙂

  16. Dear Hair Fair Team, from Organizers to Creators, thank you for doing an awesome Job. I am happy to blog Hair Fair releases since 2009 and i love to donate to Wigs for Kids.

    Keep up with your great Job.

    *love* Shayariel Teardrop

  17. Hair fair is hands down my favorite event to participate! I appreciate everyone from the hair fair team for putting together such an amazing event to the designers who work very hard on their creations. Great job as always to all parties involved 🙂

  18. Sugarfairy88 Resident

     /  July 26, 2016

    This years Hair Fair was spectacular and I loved the theme (Edward Sissorhands). There are always so many hair styles and designers to chose from and so many I have never heard of. Hair Fair is one of my favorite events in SL and the best part is that it helps benefit a great cause, Wigs for Kids. Thank you for another great year!


  19. I blogging at Hair Fair since 2010, it is the event I try not to miss, because I love to help Wings for Kids. The team of Hair makes a great work and all designers too. I know the community SL helps a lot with fundraising for good causes, but I have a special affection for Hair Fair, since children know that every year they receive a help from us. And I hope that this annual tradition continue still for long.


  20. Kattington

     /  July 29, 2016

    Hi there hair fair 2016! My name is Kattington of Besom hair store. I just wanted to say how much I have always loved this amazing event even before I became a content creator in Second Life. Hair fair is that event we anticipate all year 🙂
    Thank you to the trusted hair fair team for putting together a professionally organized event.
    Thank you to all my fellow hair creators for attending and supporting this event and its beautiful cause.
    Lastly thank you hair fair for having me each year! See you next time for sure!

  21. dear HAIR FAIR committee , thank you sooo much for running this event, i am so thankful you are doing all this hard work for a perfect organization for all these years and I’m so happy to be a part of it.
    every year i focus on it and cant wait for it to start 😉
    thanks to all designers and customers as well – its a great opportunity to help Wigs for Kids in this way ♥

    Mirja Mills

  22. I’ve been a part of the hair for many years now. What the Hair Fair means to me is, is the be ability to create a virtual asset that will translate into something real for those in need. In having family and friends touched by cancer , the physical appearance takes a toll on one’s mental health, I can only imagine how the loss of hair can affect a young child’s self-esteem.
    So when I was asked to participate in this year’s Hair Fair, there was not even a thought to say no. Not only do I get to connect with my peers during the Hair Fair, the Hair fair allows me to connect to the community and unite with a common goal in mind.
    To the Hair Fair recipient(s), my greatest wish for you is to be well in spirit, mind, and body and continue to fight for a cure.
    Most Sincelery,
    Neveah Niu of ICONIC.

  23. One of my favorite SL fairs, you never fail to amaze me with the talent these designers display in each of their booths. Just fantastic, and thank you for supporting such a fantastic cause!

    Aerlinniel Vella

  24. I’ve been proud to work with the Hair Fair team to help create an event that helps showcase the hair designers of Second Life in a huge expo of hair. When I first joined Second Life, customizing my look was paramount. Exploring hair stores, finding new ones, and rushing out for the latest release at a store with friends was a form of entertainment as well.

    Being able to help raise funds for children to have a wig that will allow them to enjoy their childhood and not have to worry about their appearance while dealing with a variety of conditions or a disease is humbling and inspiring. It’s always a pleasure to work with the variety of designers, bandana makers, and my team mates to bring Hair Fair to everyone each year.

  25. Everyone participates! Hair Fair is by far the most popular event on the grid and has retained an immaculate level of professionalism. Hair Fair provides opportunities to designers, bloggers and the community. For the past five years I never missed to be a Designer at the Hair Fair, nor do I intend to. Thank you for fighting for a noble cause and raising funds for children!

  26. Jess

     /  August 4, 2016

    This years Hair Fair was perhaps one of the best I’ve attended. The lay out of the sims was perfect; absolutely not one bit of lag at all and not once could I not get in due to over crowding. The sims were always open and never over crowded.

    I found a lot of new styles I liked from some vendors I hadn’t known about before, and bought several, while collecting a lot of Demos I liked so I can visit their main stores later on.

    My only problem however was one specific vendor had the wrong product being given out by one of their vendor boxes and after almost two weeks of trying to get in touch with them, they still haven’t responded.

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