Hair Fair – Bandana Booths and Bandana Day info

Happy Bandana Day - Booth Sign



Bandanas for Bandana Day 31st July

Residents from all over SL come together each year under the same roof of a Bandana Booth, to provide these wonderful creations for us to purchase. Bandana day is traditionally the last day of Hair Fair, so this Sunday 31st July, you can remove your hair to show you care, and help Wigs for Kids. The bandanas are sold at 50L each, they are transfer so you can buy for friends, for alts etc.Β TheyΒ have become collectibles over the years. They are only sold at this event, not sold at any other location, and once the event closes they are no longer available.

So many gorgeous styles, some just downright hilarious ones, and the notecards that come with many mayΒ – if you are anything like me – have you in tears.

Thank you so much to all that contributed this year with Bandanas, and thank you to all that purchase them, as 100% goes to Wigs for Kids.

Bandana booths are repeated over each sim, one booth per and each booth has the same ones, so find one you found them all πŸ™‚

Hair Fair locations INFO


27 thoughts on “Hair Fair – Bandana Booths and Bandana Day info”

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    Bandana Day is fast approaching which also means the last day of Hair Fair, take another few spins around the event, you do not want to miss out on hair purchases that benefit wigs for kids…grab the gifts available and get your exclusive Bandanas πŸ™‚


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    Bandana day is coming soon and it is officially the last date for hair fair….so wear your bandanas without the hair to show you care, and these bandana’s are absolutely stunning and 100% of the proceeds go to the wigs for kids charity!!! So hop on over and prepare to make it happen…


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    Don’t forget, Bandana day @ The Hair Fair is tomorrow. Also time to get over to this event is drawing to a close. 100% of Bandana sales go to Wigs for kids & also partial proceeds of each hair sold @ the fair!


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