Hair Fair totals 2015 & Thank You

Hair Fair 2015 Thanks You

I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that supported Hair Fair 2015.

The total raised was :

Participants Donations – L$4,421,732

Bandana Sales & Kiosk Donations – L$336,586

Grand Total – L$4,758,318

Once we sell and convert to USD we will announce the total sent to Wigs for Kids.

A huge thank you to all of the Hair Stores that participated in the event…their generosity is wonderful, by creating their beautiful styles and donating to this cause, they really do make a difference to many childrens lives. The new stores, the older returning stores, all make the event memorable.

We had a smaller amount of Hair Stores this year, a lot of last minute RL issues occured, but we would like to thank all of those stores that did originally sign up, and contribute to the contest prizes, and also by paying for their booth it helps the event take place.

A big thank you to all of the Second Life Bloggers that cover the event, the ones that are in the early access group do a wonderful job of circulating the information that we need to get out to as many people as we can each year. They are also so talented, and each one has a really wonderful take on presenting the styles, discussing the event, and their excitement leading up to the opening is always so fun.

We would also like to thank all of the bloggers that covered the event without early access, numbers are limited, but it is always important to share as much as you can with your readers, when you can, as well as showing support for all the hair creators in the event… we really appreaciate everyones efforts.

Each year we have a relationship with one very special to us Linden, Dee Linden each year goes above and beyond to help us make Hair Fair a success, we adore her, and everyone that helps her help us. The Destination Guide people, support and just all the Lindens in general always make everything so much easier for us from begining to end, and we are truly thankful for that.

The team from Firestorm we would like to give a huge hug to, Jessica Lyon and her team with their Message of the Day encouraging all to attend the event, reaching thousands of people that may have not seen that the event was on, we are so grateful for that, and very thankful that they show such support to the community as a whole.

Bandana Day has been a tradition for 9 years now, and each year I am always very touched by the reasons that people participate, not only store owners, but people from all over SL that contact us to create a bandana for Bandana Day. It really helps us raise a lot more money for Wigs for Kids and is a wonderful way for the community to participate.

The people that raise donations independantly…every year people have their own parties, auctions, little events to raise donations for Wigs for Kids and then donate it into our kiosks. I would like to thank all of them for doing so, as well as all of the people that donated whatever amount they could during the event at the fair.

To all the people that visited the event, thank you sincerely for not only buying as much hair as you could manage, but also your kind words about the event, the sharing of the information with friends and family, for loggin in your alts and givintg them make overs and everything that made it a seamless event.

Lastly, I personally wish to thank Mel Vanbeeck for yet again taking on the huge task of helping create the Hair Fair build, for putting up with my crazy leading up to and during the event, and just being the rock that he is to us. He has created all our scripts, our builds, and everything else you can imagine that goes into each and every year, so we are truly blessed.

Whimsy Winx, who alongside me manages every avenue of the event, helping Designers, Bloggers, and everyone else during the event. For her work on the builds, the locations, the contests and all the ins and outs of this Fair.

I am so grateful for both of them each and every year, and also our friends that hold our hands in the months leading up to.
Thank you all.

Sasy Scarborough

Hair Fair 2015 Store Slurls & Map Guide

Hair Fair 2015 MAP

Hair Fair is now OPEN to the public.

This is a directory of all locations of the Hair Fair 2015 Event. If you follow the path, you will visit every store on every sim…keep the stores to your left side, and keep walking.

All items sold at Hair Fair 2015 donate a portion of their sales to Wigs for Kids.

We also have two additional sims for the opening days, so that people can TP to them and use them as a way to get into the adjoining sims, or camera shop from them.

Streaks A

Streaks B

Streaks C

Foils A

Foils B

Foils C
􀀀Stores that have Mens hair included in their release will be shown with a * Many styles however are able to be worn by males, and vice versa, so use the demo group as a way to try everything in advance.

Blonde Sim

1. Decoy

2. Pr!tty

3. Tableau Vivant*

4. Sage*

5. EMBW*

6. Argrace*

7. RedMint

8. !OhMai

9. Murray

10. Little Bones

11. Damselfly*

12. Ison

13. Bandana Booth

14. Curious Kitties

15. Yuko

16. Monso*

17. LeLutka

18. K-Code

19. Cheveux*

20. Analog Dog


Brunette Sim

1. Wasabi Pills

2. Kokolores*

3. KiK

4. Zibska

5. Calico*

6. Lamb
7. L+N Signature
8. Quote

9. Hair Studio One*
10. Runaway
11. Bandana Booth

12. Beusy
13. LaLa Moon
14. Oblivion
15. Ayashi
16. Besom
17. Bandana Booth


Redhead Sim

1. elua
2. The Stringer Mausoleum*
3. Zalea
4. Unorthodox*
5. Asset*
6. Iconic
7. No Match
8. INK*
9. Adoness
10. Bandana Booth

11. Moon
12. Blueberry
13. Fiore
14. Oleander
15. MaiOwn
16. Amacci
17. sYs
18. Due
19. Alli & Ali Designs*
20. Elikatira
21. Bade*
22. Mina Hair


1. Exxess

2. Pink Hustler

3. Mystic Tiger

4. Phoenix

5. Blues

6. Olive

7. Miss C

8. Alice Project

9. EnVogue

10. Emo-tions

11. Clawtooth

12. Bandana Booth

13. Vanity Hair

14. Bluprintz

15. Uncle Web Studio*

16. Mithral Apothecary

17. Tameless

18. Bandana Booth

19. Exile*

20. Tabou Irresistible *

21. Homage*

The following is the same list but in alphabetical order to find the stores you are familiar with. There are slurls included, but the sims have landing points, so they will only show you with beacons where the store is, not tp you to them.

Blonde Sim:
Analog Dog Hair
Bandana Booth
Curious Kitties
Little Bones
Tableau Vivant

Brunette Sim:
L+N Signature
LaLa Moon
One Creations/Hair Studio One
Wasabi Pills

Noirette Sim:
Alice Project
Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Mithral Apothocary
Mr & Miss C Hair
Mystic Tiger
Phoenix Hair
Pink Hustler
Tabou Irresistible
Uncle Web Studios
Vanity Hair

Redhead Sim:
Alli&Ali Designs
No Match
sYs Designs
The Stringer Mausoleum
Vive Nine Fiore

Hair Fair 2015 – Important Info

Hair Fair 2015 Subscribo Group Joiner – TP HERE (This is a teleport to The Deck sim, where you click a board to join the group get HAIR FAIR news & info.  If you click it, you can access notices, with notecards with landmarks to Hair Fair 2015. OR click here to go to our post with all the sims/stores listed with landmarks.  If a store has an * after the name, they feature one or more mens hairstyles.)

Hair Fair DEMO Group – copy and past the following into local chat  



Sasy Scarborough

Whimsy Winx

HairFairSL Core

CharitySasy String

Happy Bandana Day 2015

Happy Bandana Day

Happy Bandana Day!

Hair Fair INFO

Today is the last day of Hair Fair 2015, and as tradition dictates it is the day that we remove our hair to show we care. To support Bandana Day and Wigs for Kids, we have booths in every sim at Hair Fair selling for 50L the Bandanas created by Second Life Residents from all over SL.

Each Bandana was created to help us help Wigs for Kids,and 100% of the money raised from their sale goes to the charity. They are sold MOD/Transfer so that you can buy for friends, swap with people, and no matter how big or small help us help them.

We hope you will join us, wear your Bandana proudly and visit Hair Fair this one last day of the year, and purchase as many styles as you can from the participants of this event, while you are still able to. Tell your friends, log in your alts, do what you can, and help us help this great cause.

Hair Fair INFO

Hair Fair 2015 Banner

Hair Fair 2015 Don’t Miss Out!

As Hair Fair draws to an end this weekend, you still have time to help us help Wigs for Kids. Each and every item you purchase at this event, a portion between 15% and 100% goes to Wigs for Kids. It is time to revisit the event if you have already been, and take another gander at all the incredible styles that these designers have created for you.

Also make sure to visit the Bandana Booths, as Bandana Day is the last day of the event, July 26th, where we remove our hair to show we care. All Bandanas are created by SL Residents, not only Hair Creators, or Store owners, but everyone had the chance to help us with this cause.

There are GIFTS in every booth, as this is the 10th Annual Hair Fair, and we wanted to celebrate that fact by giving back to the community that has made it all so possible.

I hope you will take the time to visit us again, bring friends, log in alts that need a make-over, or just drop a few lindens in the donation kiosks that are scattered around the event…everything helps us help Wigs for Kids.

Thank you


Hair Fair 2015 Banner

Hair Fair Trailer by ColeMarie Soleil

Hair Fair is OPEN and it has been an incredible first few hours. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful community of supporters, that really embrace this annual event.

One such community member is ColeMarie Soleil, who spent hours putting together a teaser video of Hair Fair 2015, so that many of you could see the wonderful displays creators have set up to showcase their creations. Not all stores are shown, as that would have ended up many more hours, but as a taste, this video should have you wanting more.

Don’t forget if you are not able to get in just yet, join the Hair Fair Demo Group in world and use notices archives to get all the demos and try the hair before you tp over.

Hair Fair 2015 Banner


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