Hair Fair 2022 Application NOW OPEN

This years Hair Fair will occur in June/July 2022

Hair Fair is a Charity event, we donate a percentage of all transactions to Wigs for Kids. You can see past donation thank-yous HERE.

The event will Open Saturday June 25th   and Close Sunday July 10th

Please read all information provided so that you know of timelines, rules and anything else you will need to know before submitting your application. We have changed many rules this year so that you as a creator are able to expand on your creations in the way you see fit.
Please make sure to read them as pretty much every category has a change to it.

Creators Timeline:

April – Applications and invitations

April 4th – Applications Open

April 24th – Applications Close

Previous Participants you will need to apply, but you will be approved automatically by doing so. You will be contacted as soon as applications are received for confirmation, if you do not hear within 24 hours please contact HairFairSL Core We are not doing separate applications for previous and open to all, so get your applications in as soon as possible to help with numbers.

April 25/26th – All applications approved will be contacted by this date.
If you do not hear by the end of this date please contact HairFairSL Core.

April 26th – Booth payments Start (you may pay as soon as you have been notified of acceptance)

April 30th – Booth payments End (Reminders will go out in advance of this date)

April 27th – 30th – Group invites sent – Designers group & Demo group needed (if you are still in the Demo group from previous years, stay in it) It will be the responsibility of you and your Partner/Manager to make sure you have the correct groups so that you do not miss out on announcements leading up to the event. If a group invite is missed please contact HairFairSL Core.

May 2022 – Work on your releases!

May 2nd – May 9th  – Booth interiors, Promotional material for your stores and social media provided in group. Please unpack this as other information will also be provided.

June 2022 – Be ready!

June 20th (Monday) – Booth set up starts

June 23rd (Thursday) – Booth set up ends

Set up period is shorter this year! Everything is provided in advance. All you need to do is arrive and place your items. We will make sure you know in advance that it is coming to that time.

Once your booth is set up and you have provided HairFairSL Core with your vendor images full perms, you can proceed to add them to our Flickr pool, send out bloggers packs and do any promotions you wish to do for this event.

June 24th (Friday) – DEMO Day & Early Access

– Demos sent out through Demo Group
– Early access to the event.

June 25th (Saturday) – Hair Fair is opened to the public.


July 10th (Sunday all day and night open) – Hair Fair Closes to the public.


Rules & Information for Hair Fair 2022

Please take the time to read all information provided. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact HairFairSL Core. All participants must have an already established hair/accessories store in Second Life to be eligible.

New rules throughout, please read them so that you know what has changed. It is your store, your brand that you are representing at Hair Fair. There was a need for the rules we had in the past, but we did not mean them to limit change and growth, so they have now been changed to accommodate a lot of things that have come up in the past few years.


This is a charity event! You will have to either set up your own vendor system to split to the charity account we provide information for, or use the scripts we can provide, one or the other not both. We have listened to your need to keep transactions in one system.

IMPORTANT! You must also turn off store credit and gift-cards as an option of purchase, because the event is a charity event if people use those options there will be no donations.

If you do not have a vendor system we provide the scripts you can use and if you need a split script with a partner, contact HairFairSl Core well in advance of the event so that we can customise a donation vendor script for you. Do not leave this until the last minute! We will only do a split for you, one partner and the charity.

You must not use scripts for DEMOS – every script even for give items is extra scripts we do not need on the regions – set the demo to buy for 0L, all demos must be 0L/Free


2 – 6 New products must be released at the event!

Hair Fair is an exclusive items only event – this is only during the event, all items can be sold once the event is over at your store or on marketplace as any regular release. The styles you offer at the event must never have been sold or distributed at any other time or place before or during the event. Gifts/dollarbies are the only exception.

All items must be packaged and priced exactly the same way they would be sold in your stores. Please do not offer items cheaper or combine packs into one if that is not how you usually sell them.

Hair Attachments/Add ons

Attachments (mohawks, ponytails, buns, pigtails, braids, etc.) can be sold with or without a hair base included. If you are showing a hair base in your vendor ad, but it isn’t included, be sure to make that clear on your vendor ad. If you have any questions on this please contact HairFairSL Core.

Items released by your brand must be created by your store designers. You cannot release full perms mesh styles or content purchased from 3D markets.

Full Hairstyles

Hair bases included with a full hairstyle do not have to be new to the event if just providing a hairline for your styles that you always include with every pack, as these are not a selling point of the style and not sold separately.

Hair Bases

(This will include stores that create hair bases only.)

Hair bases must be created by your brand; they must not be commissions or purchases outside of SL or inworld/marketplace as full perms.

Hair base creators
Hair bases being sold as a separate item must be new for the event.
Important – All hair bases must include a Bom/bakes on mesh option as well as any appliers that they are made for, if you do not use appliers just package how you do.

Facial Hair Creators

Mesh facial hair is allowed and will need demos so that customers can be assured of fit before purchase.

Facial Hair Appliers and Bakes on Mesh
must be hand drawn by your brand, not commissions or purchases outside of SL or inworld/marketplace. You must include a bakes on mesh BOM layer in your product along with any appliers.

Hair Accessories & Props etc.

Not only are hair accessories allowed, but hair props – hairdryers, curling irons, salon decor/backdrops, hair focused poses are all something as hair lovers we would like to see at Hair Fair.

The item must add to the beauty and or functionality of hairstyles. Tiaras, hair-sticks or accessories that adorn, hair flowers, jewelry, hats and horns are all items that partner so well with the hair community and what Hair Fair wants to be. If you make a jewellery set that has more than the hair accessories portion, even if sold separately it would count as one release, so make sure if you do that, that you have the proper amount of releases available in your booth. Example : Tiara, Necklace and Earrings would be one release, so you would still need a second Hair focused release for your 2 items minimum. The same with props or pose sets etc, you need to have two individual products, different colours is not considered a second item.

You can now also collaborate with a clothing brand to do clothing that has hair as part of the clothing such as a hoodie/cape with hair built into the style for a perfect look. If curious about a style in that way, please contact HairFairSL Core so we can discuss, Hair does have to be the attention grabber of the items though as it is Hair Fair.

You as the main brand will be responsible for the collaboration brand, if they do not do what is expected of them that will impact your participation in the event. Make sure that any collaboration type style is in addition to your minimum of two styles, so that in the event that the other person does not fulfill their part of the collaboration, or are unable to log in etc, you are still able to participate.

If the person you are wanting to collaborate with has a lot of talent and ideas, it is a good idea to recommend they have their own booth at the event, so that they can do more than just the one item with you, separate of the collaboration.


We had a lot of compliments on last years booths, the ease of use and navigation of the event, another event even asked for the balloons and people offered to buy the booths. The booths we kept Hair Fair exclusive because they were made for you, as are all things Hair Fair for the most part. This year we have decided to keep that layout but we will provide different inners in sizing options so that you do not struggle with that during set up time. We will also consider removing the skylight so that you do not lose that section or deal with it when baking your inners etc. I might change some colours and so on, but overall know you definitely have a lot of space for your beautiful items. Just remember all things you use in your booths must be set to phantom and no scripts other than the vendor ones.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to your participation in this event, please contact HairFairSL Core with any questions you may have.


Hair Fair 2021 totals and thank you

Another Hair Fair closed for the year and we are so proud of the work that the participants and everyone involved put into this year.

L$2,546,522 is the total raised by donations from purchases of products sold at the event by participating brands. Thank you so much for not only giving of your time and talent but that you also donate a percentage of each purchase to help us help Wigs for Kids is just wonderful.

L$293,149 is the total donated at our kiosks and through purchases or Bandanas and Hair Fair Hares during the event, that donate 100% to Wigs for Kids. Thank you so much for those in the community that took the time to create these items so that they could be a part of this effort.

Total : L$2,839,671 as soon as we are able to process this donation and hear back from Wigs for Kids we will as always post that here.

We had an unusual amount of stores that signed up this year that were not able to participate due to RL reasons and we hope things get better for them. That lead to some interesting questions about the event overall in social media. We addressed some of those here in our Shoppers FAQ.
Without those signups at the start we would not have a proper understanding of the layout needed for the event, so even though they could not make it, they were definitely part of the process until we opened. We of course support them as hair/accessory creators all year long and are so proud of the hair and accessories creator community whether they are able to be part of Hair Fair or not. Second Life content creators as a whole are an incredibly giving community.

Special Thanks:

Linden Lab and their team to make it as seamless as possible to set up and run Hair Fair each year, as well as the destination guide and the support they provide if there are any situations that arise leading up to and during the event. We are so appreciative of their work, especially Patch, Brett and Strawberry that give that extra care needed.

Lassie Resident and the Firestorm team for providing us an opportunity to reach as many Second Life residents through their Message of the Day posts throughout the event. We are so grateful that that is a resource that they make available and shows wonderful community spirit for all events throughout the year and how to get the most out of your viewer of choice.

Mel Vanbeeck who helped create the build and those amazing balloons for our advertising boards, as well as the scripting and all the math that laying out any event needs and the bandanas that we sell during the event. He is the person that behind the scenes keeps Hair Fair on track when we sometimes veer off the rails. It is a lot of work for any event in Second Life and having a team that supports each other, and the cause overall is something that not only makes it possible but makes it something to be so very proud of being part of.

Whimsy Winx for always adding her abundance of flair and style to the event, her support as a team member and her care and consideration towards the participants and Wigs for Kids.

Anya OhMai each year I thank her for her providing us with the Hair Fair Hares that we embellish, and that are sold during the event. Each year her gift to us makes a considerable contribution to the totals and we are so appreciative to her.

Bloggers play a huge part in spreading the word on all things Hair Fair related, and we are super grateful to them each year. Those that gain early access or those that are bloggers for individual stores, it all helps in such a huge way to share much needed information that the event needs shared. Thank you to you all for sharing your gifts of not only the spoken word but also your talents with artistic looks that may have captured the imagination of those wanting to find just the right hair and accessories that we had at the event.

A further thank you to Wigs for Kids and the organisation itself for doing all that they do for Children in need throughout the year, we are so happy to be able to contribute in the ways in which we do, so that any child can go forward in their lives knowing that they have the support of such an amazing group. It is always a pleasure to communicate with them, and their willingness to provide any information that we need to hold this event, they are a great organisation to work with each year and their embracing of Second Life as a community is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this years Hair Fair and the previous and future years to come. We look forward to seeing you next year.


Happy Bandana Day 2021

Today is a shared experience, not only is it traditionally Bandana Day, last day of Hair Fair, but also 4th of July for those celebrating it. I hope you all enjoy the day, whether wearing a bandana or holding a Hair Fair Hare or just being with those you love that are important to you, that is what we at Hair Fair want for all . A huge thanks to those that not only purchased Bandanas and/or Hares that donate 100% to Wigs for Kids, but also to those that contributed by decorating and even making their own mesh bandanas for us to sell. Also a huge thanks to Mel Vanbeeck and Anya Ohmai for creating the Bandanas and Hares we use each year.

Hair Fair closes tonight at midnight SLT so you still have 10.5 hours to shop and make a difference.


Hair Fair 2021 is Now Open

Hair Fair 2021 has officially opened to the public! We have six regions of hair and hair accessories created by designers from all over Second Life who have come together to help Wigs for Kids by donating a percentage of everything they sell to the charity. We also have donation booths and bandana and Hair Fair Hares that donate 100% to Wigs for Kids. There are gifts in many of the booths and a great range of Male and Female styles. Booths that contain Male hair are indicated with the in the sky above the booth.

The event is two weeks long, and will close on July 4th, we hope to see you at the event. Below are the slurls to each region and the items that will be released in each booth.

Due to RL some of our participants were not able to join us this year, we hope that they can rejoin us again next year.

[ Blonde Region ]

Lock & Tuft



The Mars

Fantavatar & Moonstruck


Ayame Ame

Mister Razzor


[ Redhead Region]



The Stringer Mausoleum


TLB – The Little Bat



Alli & Ali Designs

[ Noirette Region]




Tableau Vivant



ONE Creations/Hair Studio ONE

Analog Dog

Naa Naa’s


[ Foils Region]






Curious Kitties



Poison Rouge

[ Brunette Region]




Vanity Hair







[ Streaks Region]


A Breakfast Convo


Just Her

David Heather



Remember you can join the Hair Fair Demo group and try demos on at home before you teleport to the event, try different styles in the privacy of your own home. The Demo group is free to join secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about < copy paste in open chat or search Hair Fair Demo Group in Groups


Bandana Kits – How you can help Wigs for Kids

Bandana Day Kit 2021

All finished bandanas must be in by May 31st 2021 – Available on Marketplace

Hair Fair is a little over a month away, starting on June 18th 2021. Each year we ask the community of Second Life to help us further by creating Bandanas that we sell during the event and round out the event with the last day being the official Bandana Day.

Each year we receive bandanas either textured variants of the bandanas we provide in our kit or unique mesh created by those that want to help support this cause. We invite anyone interested to grab the kit available and help add to the money raised through this annual event, this is the 13th Year of Bandanas and we are so moved by everyone’s eagerness to help. You do not have to own a store or be a creator to help, look at the information to see how you can participate, thank you.

Examples of Bandanas created in past years…

If you need a kit, please contact Sasy Scarborough. Or you can purchase it for 0L on Marketplace  Please only use this kit for what it is intended for.

Bandana Day in Second Life, started in 2007, It’s a day we encourage people from all over SL to remove their hair and wear bandanas decorated by Residents (not just hair creators!) grid wide.

The Bandana’s in this Kit have been created by Mel Vanbeeck , and are not to be used for anything other than Bandana Day Bandanas.

The idea is to decorate the bandanas provided with either a texture (textures must not have images or logos of RL products or copyright material) prims/sculpts/mesh, or both (NO HAIR) and return it full perms to CharitySasy String – Perms will be changed to No Copy and sold Mod/Transfer as we do every year, so people can buy for others.

We also encourage you to create a notecard that explains why you have decorated the bandana, as many people have their own stories as to why they support this cause. You do not have to do this, it is just something we will include in your bandanas box to share with the person that buys them.

All money from the sale of these bandanas will go to Wigs for Kids and will only be sold by the Hair Fair Committee at Hair Fair 2021. After the event, the bandanas will be unavailable, after you send your bandana to the committee please delete the kit and its contents.

You all have your own friends/fans/customers so putting your own logo/name/blog on the ad is recommended, that way customers will know at a glance whose bandanas they want to buy if they are limited to purchasing only a few.
you can add your logo to the bottom right-hand corner of the template we provided in the kit.

Thank you, in advance, if you choose to participate.

Subscribo to keep up to date on all things Hair Fair 2021

Hair Fair Bandana Kit info HERE