Bandana Day kits now available – Help us help Wigs for Kids

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Grab your kit on Marketplace

Hair Fair is a little over a month away, starting on August 17th 2019. Each year we ask the community of Second Life to help us further by creating Bandanas that we sell during the event and round out the event with the last day being the official Bandana Day.

Each year we receive bandanas either textured variants of the bandanas we provide in our kit or unique mesh created by those that want to help support this cause. We invite anyone interested to grab the kit available and help add to the money raised through this annual event, this is the 12th Year of Bandanas and we are so moved by everyone’s eagerness to help. You do not have to own a store or be a creator to help, look at the information to see how you can participate, thank you.

Hair Fair Bandana Kit info HERE


Hair Fair 2019 Banner



Hair Fair 2019 Application – CLOSED

This years Hair Fair will occur in August 2019. 

Starting August 17th  and finishing September 1st. 

There are some new rules and some changes to existing rules, so be sure to read all of them.


April 2019

23rd April – Applications Start – Previous Participants (you have to apply, but you will be approved automatically by doing so)
30th April – Applications Start – New Participants

May 2019

12th May – Applications End
19th May – 26th May – Contact made by Hair Fair Committee
26th May – Payment for booths starts
31st May – Payment for booth ends

June 2019

1st June – Group Invites (Designers Group) if you are in the group from 2018 you can leave it to make room for the 2018 group
7th June – Group Invites will not be chased after this date, if you do not have group by this date you will need to contact Sasy Scarborough

July 2019

  • Check that you have not missed any announcements
  • Split scripts if needed for partner – contact Sasy Scarborough
  • Booth interior will be provided
  • Work on bandanas in your down time (kit provided)
  • Plan your booth gift/dollarbie in advance – this also brings awareness to your brand and often creates customers going forward of the event. (not compulsory)
  • Make sure you are on track to be ready for set up

!!August and September

10th or 11th August – Set up starts Sat or Sun TBA
14th August – (Wednesday) Set up Ends 11.59 PM SLT
15th August – (Thursday) Organisers check all booths, publish maps, organise listings on blog.
16th August – (Friday) Demos are sent through Demo Group. Bloggers/VIP Day
17th August  – (Saturday) Hair Fair Opens
1st September –  (Sunday) Hair Fair Closes 11.59 PM SLT

New/ish Rules!

Please take the time to read all parts of the form. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sasy Scarborough.


This is a charity event! You will have to use our vendor script which will donate a portion of each sale to Wigs for Kids (minimum 15%). Higher percentage donation scripts will also be provided should you choose to donate more.
You cannot use your own scripts. You cannot include other scripts. Only the official Hair Fair charity scripts will be allowed in your booth for Hair Fair 2019.

If you need a split script with a partner, contact Sasy Scarborough well in advance of the event so that we can customize a donation vendor script for you. Do not leave this until the last minute! We will only do a split for you, one partner and the charity.


2 – 6 Hairstyles must be released at the event!

(if not a hair on head attachment creator different rules may apply)

Once you have two completed hairstyles with scripts in vendors, vendors and decor phantom in your booth, you are officially set up, any additional hairstyles will still need to be set up before deadline.

Hair Fair is an “Exclusive Items during Hair Fair only ” event. The styles you offer at the event must never have been sold or distributed at any other time or place before or during the event. This also includes not setting up the hair at other events opening after Hair Fair if Hair Fair is still open.

All items must be packaged and sold exactly the same way they would be sold in your stores, all participants must have an already established hair store in Second Life to be eligible. Prices may not be altered, or any reductions or increases made. All packs must be for sale as you would any other hair release. Your styles can be sold in your own store after the event closes.

Items released by your brand must be created by your store designers. You cannot release full perms mesh styles or content purchased from 3D markets.

Hair Bases  (This will include stores that create hairbases and not mesh hair.)

Hairbases by non hair attachment stores must be hand drawn by the brand, they are not commissioned or purchases outside of SL or inworld/marketplace as full perms.
(If you are an existing hair store that uses hairbases you have purchased and are not making hairbase reliant styles this does not apply to you 🙂 . Hairbases are for scalp coverage only.)

Hairbase creators – must be an established hair base creator prior to application.
Hairbases must be new to the event.
Important – All hairbases must include a minimum of two options if made using the SL UV. The options are either a brand applier and omega or a brand applier and system layers (Baked on Mesh is coming, and if already available by this time customers will want this option).
If the hairbase is created using a UV specific to a brand that is an exception only, and will need to be discussed with Sasy Scarborough prior to application.

Hairstyle Creators – Hybrid Hairbase/Mesh styles vs Hairbases
Hairbase/Attachment hybrid styles are to be sold as one complete style.
You cannot sell the hair attachment separately from the needed hairbase. (The included hairbase can be an existing hairbase used in your store for these styles)
A customer must be able to walk out of your booth with a complete coverage, so ponytails, buns etc, must all be with hairbase included, and must be new and exclusive.

If you want to sell hairbases separately that have no attachment portions, they must be hand-drawn by you, they must be new and follow all the guidelines set out for Hairbase creators. They will also count as a release in your 6 styles maximum, but you must if a Hair Store release 2 mesh hairstyles minimum as that is what your customers are coming for.

This whole hairbases etc portion is complicated I get that, so if you have even the tiniest doubt of what category you fall into or what you want to create and are unsure where that would lay, please contact Sasy Scarborough in advance.

Facial hair Mesh can be now sold independently of hair on head. Mesh attachments must be a realistic facial hair mesh and you have to already sell facial hair in your store.

Facial hair Appliers Must have appliers that will work with more than one brand and system layers. All must be new and hand drawn, you must also already do male facial hair appliers to be approved. If unsure contact Sasy Scarborough


Part A: If you collaborate with someone to create your styles such as hat hair , and the style is reliant on that collaboration that person is part of your booth, so you need to include their information. The two parts cannot be sold separately.

Part B: If you wish to do a collaboration with another creator/brand that is an additional item that is hair specific, you can invite that creator to be part of your booth with one item only that is also donation script inclusive, as well as new and only available at Hair Fair for the duration. It must sincerely be made to enhance your hair release. Your hair must be a full style without the collaboration item. It cannot be tendrils and a ponytail that fit under someone elses crown.

This item can be sold separately but must be something that is your hair reliant and does not overtake the visibility of the hair. Tiaras, Hair-sticks or Accessories that adorn a full style are allowed. Hair Flowers or Jewellery allowed, horns that are style specific are also allowed.
Important – Clothing that happens to cover the hair or fit over a hairstyle is not allowed. This is Hair Fair and you are the star in your booth, so your hair has to be the focus as much as possible. If you have any doubts ask Sasy Scarborough, you can even show examples of an idea.

You as the main brand will be responsible for the collaboration brand, if they do not do what is expected of them that will impact your participation in the event. Make sure that any collaboration type style is in addition to your minimum of two styles, so that in the event that the other person does not fulfill their part of the collaboration, or are unable to log in etc, you are still able to participate.

Invitation Only 

The Hair Fair Committee will be handpicking a small group of Hair Adjacent type creators, such as hair accessories, hats. There will be limited spots only for these booths, but you can contact Sasy Scarborough if interested. The same rules will apply as all other creators at this event.


If you have read all of this I applaud you, because it was honestly exhausting writing it myself 🙂 for more details on what can and cannot be done at Hair Fair please also read our FAQ.  I now have to write another few hundred lines for the application part itself, so you may want to get a soda or some nuts to munch on for the rest.

Hair Fair 2018 Closed

Thank you, everyone, so much for the wonderful two weeks of hairstyles and great people all on four sims. We truly appreciate the efforts of all and we are so pleased with the amount raised for Wigs for Kids.

L$3,159,367  total donations by Hair Creators, we are so grateful for their efforts each and every year.
L$315,301 donated to kiosks, Bandana purchases and Hair Fair Hare sales thank you to all that contributed for those.

We will get the amount to Wigs for Kids as soon as possible and keep you posted on that.

Thank you again so much everyone that participated, visited and let people know about this event.

See you next year.

Hair Fair 2018 – MVPs and Info


Hair Fair 2018 BannerLabels_Banners

There are a few days left for Hair Fair 2018 and it has been an exciting event. We made a few changes and tried a few things, and we are extremely happy with the outcome so far. We started with a raffle that gave everyone in world the opportunity to win early access to Hair Fair. Previously the only way to obtain that as a VIP was through our photo contest, but we came to realize that not everyone is a photographer — but most love hair! We did not want to exclude people, so we came up with a new idea, and it worked great. It also meant people visited the stores of our participants in advance of the event.

We moved the events time of year to September. This is not the first time it has been at this time of the year, and the move was based on a few different variables. With so many events around Summer and the fact that many people either go away, or have very big RL commitments in the summer it was putting a lot of added pressure on the designers, and some were not able to participate, so we tried Fall (we had done this in the past) to see if that made things better. We did find that a lot of our visitors missed the event being in Summer, so we plan on discussing that with our participants for the future.

Also in the theme of relieving some of the pre-event pressure, we decreased the minimum styles per booth to 2 instead of the previous 3 and also added to the maximum to make it 6. This means if you were wondering why there seemed to be less hair in some booths than usual it was true 🙂 there was. We took a little off the top! Then we added facial hair and hairbases. We previously had not allowed them as individual items, as it was hard to authenticate what was created by the seller, but with mesh heads now truly being a big deal and it is very obvious who is creating what, we felt that it was time, and that has gone really well and we have been really lucky to have such wonderful creators join the event through that. We look forward to seeing more in the coming years.

Collaboration guests was also a new concept — as some people really like working with others and seeing how much further their styles can go with another designer in their booth with an item created to enhance the look of their hair. The item had to be standalone and the hair also had to be so that the focus was still hair. We hope that given more notice on that as a concept it will grow to bring in more guests in the future.

Let us get to some MVPs! These are people that do a lot of things behind the scenes for us as an event, and without them it might just be me sitting in the middle of four sims bald with one left shoe.

Hair Fair Participants

These creators make some amazing styles to showcase their talents at this event, and pay to participate to cover all costs of the event set up, and then donate a percentage of their sales to Wigs for Kids. They set up their booths to be as eye-catching as possible while also obeying some very strict lag mitigation rules. They promote, entice and just generally come together as like-minded creators to see their work benefit others. We truly appreciate all they do as part of this event. There are stores that set out to participate but due to RL matters are not with us at the finish, but we are very grateful that they are with us in spirit and their enthusiasm to participate in the event helps it go forward.

Their Supporters – Partners & Managers 

We are very glad that we are able to invite the support staff of the designers into our group leading up to the event, as it is very helpful to have them on board. It means that the designers do not miss things, or in some cases they are able to do things for us so that creators can focus on creating. We have met some wonderful support teams over the years, and we are very happy to have them be part of the event.

Hair Fair Early Access Bloggers

Every year we comb hundreds of blogs to grab as many as we can that will help us spread the word about this event. They cover promotions, such as this year’s raffle, the bandana kits info, the demo group and the opening day.  This is something they do, not only supporting the great hair creators in the event but also to help us help Wigs for Kids. The event does not send bloggers packs out in the group; bloggers buy the hair that they wear or arrange with designers privately to receive items to blog (but that is not a given). They come early and they post as much as they can, to ensure that their readers know as much as they can leading up to and during.  Some of them even make and donate bandana designs that are sold at the event. They shoot video footage, do blog posts, Flickr and social media announcements that help us make sure that everyone knows what is going on and we are very thankful for their efforts. They are always so excited to be Early Access Bloggers and we are very thankful for their assistance.

Bloggers that are not Early Access

All the efforts of all Bloggers that cover the event, post on hair that is at the event, and just generally encourage their readers to attend we are very grateful for. It is a joy seeing posts all over the feeds, and Flickr as well as Social Media that have been so positive about Hair Fair, so thank you also for your efforts.

Linden Lab

We have a few very specific Lindens to say thank you to this year, and while I am not sure on the policy of naming names, I am going to take a plunge and go for it. Thank you Patch, Keira and Madori for helping us with the Sims that we are using this year. Minutes before setting up I think I broke three of them and they were all very supportive in helping me unbreak them. Xiola for her efforts in showcasing the event on Social Media and just being really so cool in general. Brett for making sure all went well with getting the event on Destination Guide, which really helps residents find us. Then on top of that all the other residents that just make things not go boom while we have this event going, and encourage people to support such great community efforts going on all over the grid.

Firestorm & Lassie Resident

If you are a Firestorm user you will have seen Message of the Day announcements during the event letting you know that the event is on. We are one of many announcements,  and we are very appreciative of the time that is given to our event and that of all others because without these MOTD posts a lot of information would not get across such a large group of Residents as it does. Firestorm definitely enriches us as a community and 8 years strong they really do go above and beyond.


A great group of hair lovers that post notices not only about Hair Fair but creations that are released all year long by Hair Designers from all over SL. If you are a hair fan this is the group for you. We really are happy that Hair SL promotes us through their group, and appreciate all they do all year round for hair lovers.

Bandana Creators

Such wonderful efforts from residents from all over SL, those that decorate the ones provided and those that on top create their own style and are trusting in us enough to give it full perms for us to sell. 100% of all Bandana sales goes to Wigs for Kids and it is such a fun way to participate in the event as a non-hair creator, we really love the stories shared and the insight into the community through the bandanas made.

Anya Ohmai

Last year we launched the Hair Fair Hares that Anya Ohmai created for us. This year they have been very popular again, and we want to thank her for allowing us to have them each year going forward as an alternative for those that want something huggable or rezzable to commemorate the event.


Mel Vanbeeck does all of the scripting associated with Hair Fair. This year adding to that with the raffle machine and ticket dispenser. He has created the buses that are used by people to navigate the event, and the donation scripts and anything else we need. He does the maps of the event, and also creates the pathways and the layout math needed to make sure everything is as easy to navigate as possible. He is also my rock,  my anchor and everything else that keeps me connected with the ground during the organisation of the event.

Whimsy Winx is the creative genius behind our landscaping and vignette displays that decorate Hair Fair year after year. What she can do in five minutes with her inventory blows me away each and every time. If she doesn’t already own it, she usually has it favourited or remembers that she saw it once before (then makes sure I remind her where). She helps coordinate the designers through the demo group, ad spaces and anything else that is needed to be done to get the event up and running.

Ashia Tomsen always eager to help with what needs doing has come in and given a helping hand on many of the duties involved in running this event. Whether it is searching something out, contacting VIPs and sending out invites, and keeping this up to date.

I am so grateful to them all, and how they help make this event one of the best things to be a part of year after year. I am truly lucky to be part of such a rich mixture of talent both within the committee and all the people throughout the event that make it so great. I would also like to thank our builder of the booths who this year is not publically available but turned into a reality what we had envisioned the event to be, and it made it incredibly easy for Whimsy to build on top of that style.


I also want to thank everyone that visits the event, or mentions it to others and generally shares what we do with the Second Life community. It is through your generous spirit that we are able to help Wigs for Kids each year, and they are also very thankful to you for your efforts.


Thank you all truly

Sasy Scarborough

Hair Fair NOW OPEN

Hair Fair 2018 Map - Now Open

A fully comprehensive post of all styles and stores at this years Hair Fair is on our massive post HERE

A quick rundown of the landing point teleports





Cam Sim Foils

Cam Sim Streaks

We hope you will join us from now until the 7th of October where all purchases from Hair Creators from all over Second Life will donate a portion to Wigs for Kids (minimum 15%) All bandana, Hares and Donation Kiosk donations are 100%.

Hair Fair 2018 Banner

Hair Fair 2018 – Sims, Slurls and Styles

Hair Fair 2018 Map - Now Open

Hair Fair will open from 0.01am SLT 22nd September and close 11.59pm SLT 7th October.

The list of Hair Stores participating in Hair Fair 2018 is below, as well as their releases exclusive to this event. The list is divided by Sim location. Slurls are included but direct teleporting is not available. To use the slurls once at the location of the event, copy slurl to chat then right click and show on Map. This will give you a beacon to navigate towards. We do hope that you visit all the booths at Hair Fair as every creator has done their best to provide their best for this event.

Donation amounts vary throughout the event, but all items do donate a minimum of 15% to Wigs for Kids. There are also Kiosks for direct donations, and Bandana Booths that donate 100% of all purchases.

There are no Fees to join the Hair Fair Demo Group. There are also no groups to join for any other incentives to the Fair, do not accept group invites while attending the event. We do not spam invitations to anything.

Each Sim is named after a hair colour. This may help you with navigation and knowing where you left off when visiting the event, or sharing information with others. All logo boards at the front of each store are named with the hair store name. If you have hover-tips active in your viewer settings, this will allow you to mouse over boards to see which is which if textures are slow to rez.

Each sim has visibility turned off, which helps with lag and how much you have to render, so do not panic if you land and cannot find your friends — they may just be on another sim. There are two additional sims for cam shopping with very little on them to load. If you follow the paths of Hair Fair you will visit each store on every sim, so start in one direction and you will end up where you started.

Hair Fair Redelivery Sign

All packs have scripts that will redeliver if you did not get the item when purchased. There is a limit of how many purchases each script can keep track of before your transaction falls out of the log, so be sure you check you have a purchase when you buy something. If you try and buy it again it will redeliver as well as refund you, but it is simpler to just left click on the pack you purchased to receive a redelivery. If you still have trouble, try relogging and check transaction information and contact the seller of the hair you purchased.

Wigs for Kids all items Donate

Every pack of hair sold at hair fair donates a minimum of 15% if no sign stating a percentage it will be the minimum. Bandanas and Hair Fair Hares donate 100% and any donations made to the kiosks around the event are 100% donations.

Male Hair Sign

It may have a mix of both male and female styles, unisex styles or male only, but check them all, as the symbol is just to make it easier.

Foils – Cam Sim

Foils North

Foils West

Joins Noirette & Brunette

Streaks – Cam Sim

Streaks East

Streaks North

Joins Brunette & Blonde

Redhead Sim

Direction from landing point facing into sim

Bandana Booth

Lock & Tuft (right side landing point)

lock&tuft - arthas- hair fairlock&tuft - elijah - hair fairlock&tuft - logan - hair fairlock&tuft - mason - hair fair

Analog Dog  (right side landing point)


Analog Dog - MATOAnalog Dog - ONOAnalog Dog - POEIA

Ade (right side middle)

ADE - Brower SLADE - Grande SLADE - Issa SLADE - Loren SLADE - Toni SLADE - Zayn SL

F&M Oblivion (right side middle)

F&M Oblivion Giovanni dalle Bande NereF&M Oblivion Lucrezia Borgia

Studio Exposure (right side middle)

HAIRFAIR 2018 24K COLLECTION Studio Exposure

Zibska (right side middle)

Zibska for Hair Fair 2018 _ AdrasteaZibska for Hair Fair 2018 _ AnankeZibska for Hair Fair 2018 _ EurydomeZibska for Hair Fair 2018 _ Harpalyke

VoltHair (right side middle)

Volthair MVolthair F

Clawtooth (left side middle)


Pink Hustler (left side middle)


Curious Kitties (left side middle)

Curious Kitties - BadieCurious Kitties - BattietwistCurious Kitties - EraknabattCurious Kitties - LoliebatCurious Kitties - PunkinpatchCurious Kitties - Spooknest

Escalated (left side middle)


Beusame (left side landing point)

kirk_1_Beusamekirk_2 BeusameKIRK_Beusame

EMO-tions (left side landing point)

EMO-tions - ASTAposter..EMO-tions - KAYAposter.EMO-tions - SEYCHELLEposter.EMO-tions - jojo...

ASO! (left side landing point)

Aso - hana1-512Aso - Saki1-512Aso - yume1-512

[BMS] Blossom Mesh Object Shop (left side landing point)


Noirette Sim

Direction from landing point facing into sim

Bandana Booth

Lovey Dovey (right side outer)

Lovey Dovey - honey vendorLovey Dovey - pumpkin vendorLovey Dovey - sugar vendor

It Girls (right side outer)

It Girls BorderlineIt Girls novo

Kuni (right side outer)


Unorthodox (right side outer)

Fabia (right side outer)

no.match (right side middle)


Barber Shop (right side middle)

Barber Shop - Lin HairBarber Shop - Nathan Hair

Kokolores (right side middle)

[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Linn[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Malin[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Sanna[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Signe[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Solvig

BonBon (left side middle)

BonBon - KinsleyBonBon - Sam

Decoy (left side middle)

Decoy Hair 9amDecoy Hair AliceDecoy Hair Lola

Adoness (left side middle)

adoness - v-ainia-Hair Fairadoness - v-beanie-Hair Fairadoness - v-hipp-Hair Fairadoness - - world

Shi. (left side middle)

Shi_Sa-rah V2FShi_YaReshFinal

Wasabi (left side outer)

Wasabi - camila_vendor_HFWasabi -cole_vendor_HFWasabi -maddie_vendor_HF

Iconic   (Narcisse Guest) (left side outer)


Narcisse Clio Headpiece Ad 1024

Iconic - asha_flickr5Iconic - gaia_flickr5Iconic - innaNNA5r

Bliensen + Maitai (left side outer)

Bliensen + MaiTai Hair - LynnBliensen + MaiTai Hair - RosaBliensen + MaiTai Hair - Vera

Modulus (left side outer)

modulus hairs elijah 1024modulus hairs fraser 1024

Brunette Sim

Direction from landing point facing into sim

Bandana Booth

RedMint (right side outer)

RedMint -Hair-No.55'18RedMint -Hair-No.59'18

Limerence (right side outer)

Limerence - maisyLimerence - marisa

Speakeasy (right side outer)

Speakeasy Billiejo hairSpeakeasy Jill hairSpeakeasy Julia hairSpeakeasy Lee hair

Alli & Ali Designs (right side outer)

A&A Celebration Hair All ColorsA&A Dany Hair All Colors-picA&A Joff Hair All Colors

Rama Salon (right side middle)

Rama Jess HairRama Polly Hair

Exile (right side middle)

Exile - A Little SassyExile - IntensityExile - MysteriousExile - Trouble

Homage (right side middle)


Homage_KhajHomage_Deyna WIndyHomage_Deyna

Astrology (right side middle)

Astrology for Hair Fair 2018 - AndrewAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - GretchAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - JillianAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - KaraAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - SabianaAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - Tiffany

booN (right side middle)


LiquidMoon Hair (left side middle)

Liquid Moon - AMBERknowswhyLiquid Moon - AMYwantsmoreLiquid Moon - LARA winks GIFTLiquid Moon - LINDAsays

Phoenix Hair (left side middle)


ONE-Creations / Hair Studio ONE (left side middle)

DQ... Male Cornrows braids ( FATPACK )DQ...Cowgirl Double tails ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Fem Cornrows braids lose ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Long Fem Fringes ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Male Cornrows Braids SHORT ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Male Top Dreads ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Twist Long Dreads (FATPACK ) 1L GIFT box

Sintiklia (left side middle)

Sintiklia - Amara vendor2Sintiklia - Clovervendor

Tameless (left side middle)

Tameless AdeliseTameless CarmelaTameless JasneenTameless ParisTameless Santana

enVogue (left side outer)

enVOGUE - HAIR Ravenna webenVOGUE - HAIR Marsella webenVOGUE - HAIR Serena web

Izzie’s (left side outer)

Izzie's LeLutka Hairbase2Izzie's LeLutka HairbaseIzzie's Laq Hairbase2Izzie's Laq HairbaseIzzie's Catwa Hairbase2Izzie's Catwa Hairbase

Ayame Ame (left side outer)


Bandana Booth (left side outer)

KMH (left side outer)


Blonde Sim

Direction from landing point facing into sim

Bandana Booth

Opale (right side outer)

Opale . KiraOpale . Madison

Calico (right side outer)

Calico - MonroeCalico - Saira

Vanity Hair (right side outer)

Back to School (1)Godsplan (1)

Avada (right side outer)

Avada - Amina HairbaseAvada - Arcturus HairbaseAvada - Belzreom HairbaseAvada - Isadora HairbaseAvada - Marisol Hairbase

Argrace (right side outer)

Argrace - CHITOSE_(M-Redelivery)Argrace - IORI_(M-Redelivery)Argrace - MEGURU_(M-Redelivery)

Bandana Booth (right side middle)

Love (right side middle)

Love [Barbie Hair] AD 512x512Love [Honey Bunny Hair] AD 512x512

Cheveux (right side middle)


Tableau Vivant (right side middle)

Tableau Vivant - Ari braid FIXED

Tableau Vivant - Blue hairTableau Vivant - Catwa HB M2Tableau Vivant - Halo hairTableau Vivant - Isabel hairTableau Vivant - lelutka HB3

Fashionably Dead (right side middle)

fd hair fair 2018 coffee ad 1024fd hair fair 2018 tea ad 1024

Amiable (left side middle)

{amiable)Gift{amiable)Hair003_ -{amiable)Hair002_{amiable}Hair Fair AD001

Navy & Copper (left side middle)

Navy+Copper - Biscotti_512Navy+Copper - Waffle_512

Just Magnetized (left side middle)

Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase set 03Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase set 04

Ayashi (left side middle)

Ayashi - mokkaAyashi - Lightning

Tukinowaguma (left side outer)


Mina Hair  (left side outer)

MINA Hair - AnnieMINA Hair - FrankieMINA Hair Lily Hairfair 2018 gift

Tram (left side outer)


Eliavah (left side outer)

Eliavah - sorahairvendorx2048Eliavah - Tsukuyomi Hair Vendorx2048

Pr!tty (left side outer)

New Phototastic Collage

Hair Fair 2018 Banner