Hair Fair 2022 NOW OPEN

Hair Fair is now open! We have a stunning array of stores from all over the grid. Each store has only new and only available releases in their booth for the duration of the event and every item is donating a percentage of every purchase to Wigs for Kids. Any items purchased from our bandana booths will donate 100% and any donations made directly to the donation kiosks are also 100% to Wigs for Kids, so if you can round out your balance by dropping some lindens in one of those, thank you!

Barber poles will mark any booth that has Male compatible items, but feel free to try everything, you need know where the items may take you. There are hairstyles, hair addons, hairbases, beards, hair accessories and even some amazing poses and props with animations.
You can start on any region and keep the booths to one side of you and you will navigate all 6 regions with ease. You can rez one of our buses and edit your way around the event, buses are solo or groups, and an easy way to stay together.

Blonde Region

Poison Rouge




Made in Tokyo




Hair Studio One – One Creations


Mister Razzor

Redhead Region

Ayame Ame







Sparkle Skye Creative



Grasshopper St.

Noirette Region



The Little Bat


Fantavatar & Moonstruck


Angel Eyes


Raven Bell

NaaNaa’s Accessories




Geek Hair by Vinyl

SAP Beauty

Curious Kitties

The Mars

The Stringer Mausoleum



Alli & Ali Designs

Raon Hair Salon

Brunette Region



Just Her


Analog Dog




Streaks Region

Vanity Hair




Bliensen + Maitai



Thank you for joining us on another year of Hair Fair and helping Wigs for Kids


Win Hair Fair Early Access for you and Two friends – Via Flickr Comments

Go to our Flickr post to enter your Second Life User Name to win one of 10 early access passes for you and two friends. Early access is this Friday 24th June.

Flickr Post

You can also join our DEMO Group for all the events demos that are sent out on the 24th in advance of the event opening on the 25th of June.

secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about paste into local chat in world or search Hair Fair DEMO group. Any Hair Fair associated groups are free to join.


Hair Fair 2022 – Early Access Bloggers application

We have opened up the application for early access to bloggers. This is for those that have an interest in not only getting to see the event early, but to share that experience with their readers/followers. Every post made helps benefit Wigs for Kids and the participants who are donating through their creative efforts for this event. You can do your part by promoting the event as much as possible through your blogs and social media.

Applications will close 10th June. You must have group space available to accept your group invite should you be accepted.


Bandana Kit for Hair Fair 2022 – Help us Help Wigs for Kids

Bandana Kit Box Poster

Bandana Day Kit 2022

All finished bandanas must be in by June 10th 2022 – Available on Marketplace

Hair Fair is a month away, starting on June 25th 2022. Each year we ask the community of Second Life to help us further by creating Bandanas that we sell during the event and round out the event with the last day being the official Bandana Day.

Each year we receive bandanas either textured variants of the bandanas we provide in our kit or unique mesh created by those that want to help support this cause. We invite anyone interested to grab the kit available and help add to the money raised through this annual event, this is the 14th Year of Bandanas and we are so moved by everyone’s eagerness to help. You do not have to own a store or be a creator to help, look at the information to see how you can participate, thank you.

Examples of Bandanas created in past years…

If you need a kit, please contact Sasy Scarborough. Or you can purchase it for 0L on Marketplace  Please only use this kit for what it is intended for.

Bandana Day in Second Life, started in 2007, It’s a day we encourage people from all over SL to remove their hair and wear bandanas decorated by Residents (not just hair creators!) grid wide.

The Bandana’s in this Kit have been created by Mel Vanbeeck , and are not to be used for anything other than Bandana Day Bandanas.

The idea is to decorate the bandanas provided with either a texture (textures must not have images or logos of RL products or copyright material) prims/sculpts/mesh, or both (NO HAIR) and return it full perms to CharitySasy String – Perms will be changed to No Copy and sold Mod/Transfer as we do every year, so people can buy for others.

We also encourage you to create a notecard that explains why you have decorated the bandana, as many people have their own stories as to why they support this cause. You do not have to do this, it is just something we will include in your bandanas box to share with the person that buys them.

All money from the sale of these bandanas will go to Wigs for Kids and will only be sold by the Hair Fair Committee at Hair Fair 2022. After the event, the bandanas will be unavailable, after you send your bandana to the committee please delete the kit and its contents.

You all have your own friends/fans/customers so putting your own logo/name/blog on the ad is recommended, that way customers will know at a glance whose bandanas they want to buy if they are limited to purchasing only a few. you can add your logo to the bottom right-hand corner of the template we provided in the kit.

Thank you, in advance, if you choose to participate.

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also do you not forget to join the Hair Fair DEMO Group, all demos will be sent the day before Hair Fair starts. secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about < copy paste to local chat to join group or just search Hair Fair Demo group in Groups tab of search.