Hair Fair Shoppers FAQ

Q: What is Hair Fair?

Hair fair is an event which features dozens of hair and accessory designers selling exclusive new designs. A portion of every sale is donated to Wigs for Kids, which is a charity that helps children who have lost their hair due to illness.

Q: Where is my favorite designer?

If they have a booth at the event, you can find information about what region they are on in the post that goes up after the event opens. (2021 Event Opening Post)

If they are not at the event, it means one of several things happened!
1. They did not apply.
2. They applied and were accepted, but due to various circumstances they were not able to complete preparations for the event before it opened. This happens surprisingly often, but it hurts every time! When designers pull out at the last moment, we can only do our best to fill the gaps this leaves in the build so it isn’t easy to notice. If you find you are walking a long distance between the shops, that’s probably what happened.
3. They applied, but were rejected or removed before the event opened. This is fairly rare. The event is not particularly constrained for space, so generally applications are only rejected on the basis of
a) The brand is not an established hair or accessory designer (though we allow a few new brands to launch at Hair Fair — if you would like to launch a hair brand at Hair Fair please get in touch well in advance so we can make that happen!)
b) Us being aware of an issue with the authenticity of a designer’s “original” creations. As Hair Fair is a charity event, preserving its integrity is a top priority. We treat any incident of content theft very seriously, and will generally exclude anyone with a history of it unless the incident has been thoroughly resolved. We do our best to ensure that we are making these decisions based on good, first-hand information from the parties involved, or indisputable proof involving sources outside SL.

Q: Do all booths purchases benefit the charity? Some don’t have donation signs up.

Yes, all vendors contribute a minimum of 15% to Wigs for Kids. Some donate more, and will put out signs stating this, but you can safely assume that no sign means they are donating 15%. If you want to check for yourself, just look inside the vendor object inventory and you can see on the name of the vendor script itself what the donation split is.

Q: Why does the region keep freezing while I’m trying to walk around?

The mini-freezes happen when other people enter and exit the region. These little lock-ups are caused when the region has to pack/unpack all the avatar’s script states as they come and go. The more scripts an avatar has in their attachments, the longer the freeze will last. If several heavily scripted avatars enter or exit at the same time, it might be a few seconds before everyone can move again, so please make sure while you are picking an outfit for the event you go with something light! Packing light will make your own freeze shorter while crossing regions as well. (Try crossing with nothing attached sometime if you want to blow your own mind.)

Q: Can I gift hairs at the event?

Unfortunately no. The vendor scripts we distribute for the event have been written to be as lightweight and reliable as possible, and gifting has a number of pitfalls in high-traffic scenarios which we wanted to avoid. However, recent changes in how hair is sold has drastically reduced the number of vendors needed, so it is likely that we will be able to address this in future events.

Q: Why does the event use special vendor scripts?

The short version: to minimize lag, and ensure a consistent shopping experience!

Historically, Hair was sold in individual colors, and then various fat packs. When this was the case, it wasn’t uncommon for each store to have over a hundred little vendors in their booth, meaning thousands of vendors in each region. Add that many vendor systems in use at the time had multiple scripts per vendor, this could bring a region to its knees before anyone even arrived to shop the event!

The solution was to write an extremely lightweight vendor script which could be used in every single vendor, vastly reducing the amount of time and memory the region would need to maintain scripts. This also allowed us to write in an instant redelivery and double-purchase refund right at the vendor which saves a lot of time for everyone involved if things get lost in event lag.

This might no longer be necessary given how things have changed, but that will be addressed in future events.

Q: Why do I see ads for businesses that aren’t at the event?

Ads have always been sold independently of event participation.