Hair Fair Designers FAQ


Q. I’m new and just found out about Hair Fair!  How can I join?
A. If you were unable to apply in time to be guaranteed a booth, we can add you to our wait list. Please review our rules in the meantime to see if you are a candidate for a booth. Rules apply to late applicants too.

Q. I have been in Hair Fair for 3 years now, so why don’t I have a booth?
A. Each of those years you were required to sign up. That has not changed this year. Hair fair dates are always made public well in advance of the event, we also contact past participants. Please contact HairFairSL Core directly.

Q. What if I do not have the money to pay for my booth when I am approved?
A. The application fee is a non-negotiable part of the fair that you were made aware of at the time of your application. You will need to have the money prepared and put aside for when you are approved. If you do not have the money to pay for your booth, your space will be given to the next designer on the waiting list.

Q. Hey, this Hair Fair sounds like fun. I can build! Can I make some hair too?
A . Yes you can!  But…only established hair stores can participate in the fair unless pre-approved by the committee to launch at hair fair. But please, make that hair, start a store, and apply next year!

Q. How can I get to be a committee approved store?
A. This is not something that is guaranteed, so we do not ask people to apply for it, as space is limited. Only certain spaces will be made available per sim, if at all. If you are interested in having some fun, building, and being involved, consider making a bandana for Bandana Day at Hair Fair.

Q. I know when I applied I provided an additional persons/avatars name as part of the business. While you are not showing this person listed, I know I had to have added them. What do we do now?
A. The person may just not have accepted a Group invite, but we can definitely resend it again if needed.


Q. I have a few full perm accessories I use in my hair is this ok?

A. If it is something like rubber bands, or bobby pins then yes, as long as compliant with their rules. If they are items that make the hair a hairstyle and are a major portion of the style, then no.

Q. I purchased my hairstyles/prims/textures full perm from a store going out of business. Is this going to be a problem?
A. You have to be the creator of Hair for your brand, if your brand does not make hair, then you need not apply.

Q. I build the hair but my partner textures it. Is this okay?
A. Yes, as long as both avatars are listed as the creators for your brand.

Q. I can’t make a minimum of two new hair styles in time. What are my options?
A. The hair fair event usually happens at least 3 months after applications. If you know in advance you will not be able to make the minimum number required in that amount of time, please do not apply.

Please keep in mind that Hair Fair deposits are non-refundable for any reason. If your hair booth is not fully set up with the minimum of 2 hair fair release styles by the deadline, your space will be made available to another store on the waiting list, or removed.

Q. Why can I only have up to 6 new hairs for release? I have 10 ready to go!
A. We love you, we really do, but the fair is immense, to give everyone the opportunity to be a part of it, we have to have limits.

Q. I only do hair in 5 hair colors. The booth next to me does hair in 10 colors. Can I use the difference in number of prims to set out more then 6 hair styles.
A. Nope. 2 – 6 hair styles.

Q. Do I have to put out a gift/dollarbie ?
A. No you do not, but it is a great promotional tool for your brand to be looked at by possible customers. While they may not like the styles you have at the event, they may look at your gift/dollarbie and like what you do overall, or use it to remember that they liked something about you. It also means that if you create other things than hair, that they are made aware of it through that item.

Q. What kinds of things go into a  gift/dollarbie ?
A.  In previous years stores have included a hairstyle they have made in the past in a pack of colours, or a fatpack. Also stores that create items other than hair, have included such things as skins, shoes, clothing, pose sets so that the visitors to the fair get a taste of the other things that store has to offer. It is always best to include items that are best representative of your current skills, including items that are old and not your best work is not going to benefit you as much as newer work will. You would include a LM to your store and any additional information, you can also include a notecard with social media, subscriber information and any other details.


Q. My friend and I both design hair but own separate stores. Can we share a booth?
A. No.

Q. Can I feature hair related items from my friends stores at my booth?
A. No. You can collaborate one item with another creator with rules as outlined in the application form, but you cannot just set up vendors of hair adjacent items.

Q. Can I set up my booth earlier than set up starts?
A. Please contact HairFairSL Core directly for this question, as we may be able to accommodate you earlier.

Q. Can I have a friend set up my booth for me?
A. Unless the items are in your friends name as creator you would not be able to have someone rez your items, but if the person is logged in on your account that is between you and the powers that be  — the only other person allowed to set your booth up would be the business partner/Manager you stated at the time of your application. Please contact HairFairSL Core about this if you have other questions

Q. The fair does not open until the set date, why do I have to be set up by midnight days earlier  ?
A. The committee needs time to go through all sims to check all booths, scripts, vendors and gift bags are set up correctly. It gives us time to contact you to have any changes made that may be needed. It also allows the committee the much needed time to make sure all signage, promotional information, land settings, teleports, slurls, and any other last minute details for the event is taken care of. If you are not set up in time we can remove your booth or replace it with someone else.

Q. I’m not interested in participating in the press day, so does my booth still have to be set up by the date specified?
A. Yes The deadline is not only to do with that day, it is so that we are finished setting up the event in full.

Q. Can I decorate my booth?
A. You may put a few items – without scripts and set to phantom – in your booth if you feel it is a need to decorate – take into consideration though this event is incredibly busy, so the more you rez the more the customers have to rez, that will take longer to rez your hairstyles and purchase. Anything outside of the booth you occupy is off limits, anything found outside of the booth or in doorways when set up is complete will be returned by the committee.


Q. Why can’t I also set up my Hair Fair styles at my stores(s) while the fair is open?
A. Hair Fair is about coming together as a creative community in one location for a charitable cause. By registering to be in Hair Fair you are agreeing to only have your hair available at that one location for it’s duration. You can however set up your demos with a LM giver to the event at your store.

Q. The sims are full and people can’t get in to buy my hair for charity can I set it up at my store now?
A. No, as above. Hair Fair has always been an event that gives the public something they cannot find anywhere else. While we understand you wanting to make it easier for your customers, we also want those customers to participate in the event.


Q. I have a split script, can I use that?
A. No. We are aware that people do run businesses together, but extra scripts = extra lag. The only acceptable script allowed in your hair Fair booth is the charity script supplied by the committee. If you need a charity script that will go to a second avatar as well as the charity, you will need to contact HairFairSL Core in advance.

Q. Can I set up a Subscriber Kiosk or Group Joiner in my booth?
A. No. These all rely heavily on scripts, and are not allowed in any booths. If the committee finds one in your booth it will be returned. You can include info in a notecard in your gift box on how to join your group.

Q. Why can’t I use a LM giver to promote my main store?
A. LM givers means another script and more lag. Placing a LM to your main store in your demos or gift/dollarbie bag is a way to promote your brand without causing unnecessary lag.

Q. I have a Charity Script I have used for other events, can I use that one in my vendors?
A. No. The Charity Script we have and will provide you with is made for us especially. It is simple to set up and is scripted to send to the Charity Account we have set up. Without having to check we know that in advance, so only the Hair Fair Charity Scripts provided by us are to be used during the event. Our script also has redelivery for the customer if they do not accept or crash as long as used in a certain amount of time, our scripts are the only scripts allowed.

Q. If I take out the script but it still works, for things such as particles and animated images etc, can I do that?
A. No. If anything is moving, rotating, or emitting particles in your booth it will be removed.


Q. I do not have room for 2 in world groups, why do I need to join all of them?
A. The first group is the vendors group. This will allow you to rez your vendors and also keep you up to date of any news, changes, and information that pertains to you as a participating designer. You can leave this group once you have rezzed your items, although most designers choose to stay in this group to converse with each other during the event.
The second group is the demos group. As a lag reduction tactic, we have created a demo group that all SL residents can join to receive demos prior to the opening of the fair. You can also leave this group once your demos have been sent. Demos must only be sent the day before the fair and not earlier.

Q. Why do I have to send demos to the group when they will be set up at the fair?
A. While we do hope that all visitors to the fair see all booths set out, they may miss a few. By sending demos prior to the opening of the fair, you may secure their interest in your product ahead of time. Also, with the lag issues every event of this size has, anything we can do to reduce rezzing time and conserve sim resources is a huge bonus for shoppers and designers alike. We have found that people will try on demos of stores they are less familiar with because they have the demos all in one spot. This increases the chances of sales and exposure of your brand.


Q. I saw a style my friend would really love while setting up my booth. Why cant I take pics of it and send it to her?
A. There are no circumstances that are deemed acceptable for you to be in any part of the sim that does not pertain to your booth prior to opening, or take pictures of other participants booths prior to opening. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your expulsion from the fair. We want every designer participating to feel safe and secure and to have the same “wow” factor of an exclusive release.