Hair Fair 2013 – Donation Received by Wigs for Kids – Thank You letter

Wigs for Kids thank you letter - donation Hair Fair 2013


To All involved in Hair Fair 2013, from the Hair Fair Committee, we thank you all so much for everything you did to make this possible. The Hair creators that gave so generously of their skills, by providing beautiful hairstyles that were sold during the event. The Bloggers that spread the word to all their fabulous readers and helped us promote this event, to make is such a success. The customers that visited the event and bought items that donated to this worthwhile cause. To Linden Lab for helping us throughout the event and afterwards so that we were able to get this donation to Wigs for Kids.

To Wigs for Kids and all the people that give of their time and hearts to this incredible Charity to help Children in need for as long as they need it. A very big thank you to all of the Hair Fair Committee – Mel Vanbeeck, Whimsy Winx, Fiachra Lach – that make this possible by donating their time, patience and skills for many many months of the year, and do so much behind the scenes to make it possible.

Thank you All

Sasy Scarborough

Hair Fair Committee


7 thoughts on “Hair Fair 2013 – Donation Received by Wigs for Kids – Thank You letter”

  1. It’s a pleasure to be part of such meaningful event. Well done again to the Organizer for making this a success year after year.


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