Hair Fair – Bandana Day Kits

Bandana Day 2010

So many from all over Sl take part in Bandana Day – 19th September – each and every year, it has always shown how truly blessed we are as a community. People are encouraged to participate by creating their own Bandana for the Hair Fair Committee to sell for this day. You do not have to be a Hair Designer to take part, and it is always amazing to see such amazing bandana’s come to use from the public, even those that don’t usually show their creativity to the public.

Included in the kit you will find the full perms bandana’s donated by Damien Fate for Hair Fairs exclusive use. The Template that you will need to use to make your ad, and all info regarding how to hand in your bandana’s to the committee to be sold at Hair Fair.

To get your own Kit please IM CharitySasy String or send a notecard…thank you in advance.


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