Hair Fair 2016 Timeline – Designer info

This is just a spruced up timeline so that we are all on the same page.

Do not panic, nothing has changed in dates, it is just adding the other information that some of you have to get your head/hair around 🙂 and makes it easier to plan.

Please do not send or show pics of your releases until the 14th/15th, you want to tease and tantalise as much as possible, but we want this to be a huge exciting event for all.

1st July

Hair Fair Photo Contest ends. Prizes will not be asked for until after you are all done and set up etc. This will be explained to the winners. So this is not something you have to worry about until at least the 15th.

5th July

Adboards, if you paid for an adboard you have been contacted by IM and notecard by Whimsy Winx with details, You must have yours in by this date.

6th July

Bandanas need to be sent to CharitySasy String by this date, as they all need to be checked and packaged etc. This is not compulsory but they make a difference, the kit is in archives of notices, or you can IM me for one Sasy Scarborough

7th July


We will be sending out the scripts needed for all vendors/hair packs prior to this date, but if you need a double Split script that pays the Charity and a Partner you must let us know BEFORE this date, as they will have to be made for you separately.

8th July

All stores must send to Sasy Scarborough their full perms STORE LOGO so that we have it for the website and if needed on the sims. This is important, you can send them earlier, but please send them as soon as possible.

9th/10th July

Hair Fair set up starts. We are not sure of the time, it will depend on how quickly we the committee are set up for you to come in. We try to get you in as early as possible always. If there is a reason you must be in by the 9th due to holidays etc. Contact Sasy Scarborough if you need help on this.

13th July

Booth must be set up completely by this date. 

If you are not set up by 9pm SLT  you must let us know asap. Timezones play a big part in this for everyone.


You will need to send Sasy Scarborough your vendor ads full perms as soon as possible, as we will be loading the Hair Fair website prior to opening as further promotion for the event. If you have your ads done earlier, please send them asap, as this will help us get things ready in advance.

Please put ads in a folder and name it Hair Fair 2016 – Vendor Pics – YOUR STORE NAME


14th July DAY

Sim closed for committee only

14th July NIGHT

as soon as all booths are checked and everything is finalised, the sim will be open to you and 1 VIP guest that we arrange in advance. To shop and enjoy what you all have achieved in the weeks leading up to the event. It is time to let your hair down and relax before the event starts. Winners of the Photo contest and other VIPs will also have access in the evening.

15th July


You will now send all your demos through the Hair Fair DEMO Group….do not send before this date. Customers have the chance to try all hair on before they visit the event, this saves on lag, and time spent on the sim. You must make sure that you are in the group before this date, with the correct notice sending rights. If you are not, then please join the group and then contact Whimsy Winx asap so she can change your role.

Copy and paste the below url into open chat in world and click in history to open the group



Early Access

Bloggers who have early access will be at the sims on this day and night. They will have almost 24 hours access to the event, to take pictures, make purchases and grab goodie bags. They may also contact you about blogger packs. They are allowed to do so, but you are under no obligation to send them if it is not something you want to do. No one is an official Hair Fair Blogger and entitled to get packs from you.

16th July


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