Hair Fair 2010 Official Flickr Contest

Uploads are enabled for the Hair Fair 2010 Official Flickr Contest!!! We want this to be the best year yet, so grab your best hair and get creative!!! Below are a list of incredible stores who will be donating prizes this year.

Adam N Eve
Baskin Bobbins
Berries Inc
Bliss Couture
Calico Ingmann Creations
Denier Cri
Discord Designs
Gumi’s Bad Box
Hair solutions
Ivanka Akina
MINA Hair Fashion
Nikita Fride
The Stringer Mausoleum
Tik Tok
Tutti Frutti
VR Foundry
W. Winx
Whats New Sl

If you would like to donate a prize, please contact Ashia Tomsen in world via notecard stating the prize you would like to donate and your LM. You dont have to be a hair designer to donate a prize…we dont discriminate! To donate a prize you only need to fill in the info on a notecard to Ashia Tomsen, listing what you will provide to the winner once the contest is over. The winners will then contact you to receive their prizes after the event, no items need be passsed prior to that, other than a notecard with the intent to give.

HF Auction & Bandana Day

Don’t forget that today is Bandana Day. It is the day that we everyone to remove their hair and wear special made bandanas to support the children of Locks of Love. Bandanas are for sale throughout the 2009 Hair Fair at all 4 landing points. Just look for the gumdrop backed display and you will find the Bandanas. 100% of the cost goes to Locks of Love.

bandana day

Even if you’ve already made through all of the Hair Fair booths, don’t forget that 11 designers are auctioning unique hairstyles in the auction area in the NE sim, so come back again to look at those and to bid on your favorites of course.

All of the auctions end on July 4!


Thanks to the following designers for these incredible donations.

Battle Angel
Lag Designs
Miau Haus
Milestone Creations
Philotic Energy
Stringer Mausoleum

We’d also like to thank Shep Korvin of Lucky Designs for his generous donation of all the BidBoxes we’re using for the auctions.

Bandana Day is 2 Days Away

Bandana Day is just 2 days away.  Are you ready?   On July 3rd, we ask that everyone go bald and wear a bandana instead.   This helps to show support for the children that benefit from Locks of Love.  Bandanas are for sale throughout the 2009 Hair Fair at all 4 landing points.  Just look for the gumdrop backed display and you will find the Bandanas.   100% of the cost goes to Locks of Love.

Bandana Day - 2009 Hair Fair

Pose: Striking Pose – Jessica Alba 3, Skin: Tuli – Hope  (dark tan/bl) June 2009 Picks reward special , Bandana:  Winx – Carmen Miranda Bandana, Clothes:  LVs&CO – Fiesta Sherbert, Eyes: Tea Lane – Dark Brown Eyes(sqsm), Lashes: Cake – Bedroom Lashes

2009 Hair Fair Auction Reminder

The second weekend of Hair Fair 2009 is here, and we want to remind you that there are 11 auctions for unique hairstyles set up in the NE Hair Fair sim. We’ve already had lots of bids coming in on all the styles, so don’t forget to place your bids on your favorites.


Thanks to Shep Korvin of Lucky Designs for donating all of our BidBoxes this year. With this auction system, as soon as you’re outbid, your money is returned to you, so there’s no excuse for not turning around and bidding again to stake your claim!

2009 Hair Fair Auction – New Addtion

Due to some technical difficulties, one of our planned auctions wasn’t able to go up with the rest. We’re happy to report that it’s up now along with the other 10 auctions in the auction area in the NE Hair Fair sim. The Satin Fantail Mohawk comes in 12 colors, and the creator Helena Stringer has offered to model it in-world for anyone who would like to see it in action before bidding.

Helena Stringer – Stringer Mausoleum

Thank you to all 11 designers offering these one-of-a-kind styles in the auctions and to Shep Korvin of Lucky Designs for donating the entire auction system.

View the other auction styles.