Hair Fair NOW OPEN

Hair Fair 2018 Map - Now Open

A fully comprehensive post of all styles and stores at this years Hair Fair is on our massive post HERE

A quick rundown of the landing point teleports





Cam Sim Foils

Cam Sim Streaks

We hope you will join us from now until the 7th of October where all purchases from Hair Creators from all over Second Life will donate a portion to Wigs for Kids (minimum 15%) All bandana, Hares and Donation Kiosk donations are 100%.

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Hair Fair 2018 – Sims, Slurls and Styles

Hair Fair 2018 Map - Now Open

Hair Fair will open from 0.01am SLT 22nd September and close 11.59pm SLT 7th October.

The list of Hair Stores participating in Hair Fair 2018 is below, as well as their releases exclusive to this event. The list is divided by Sim location. Slurls are included but direct teleporting is not available. To use the slurls once at the location of the event, copy slurl to chat then right click and show on Map. This will give you a beacon to navigate towards. We do hope that you visit all the booths at Hair Fair as every creator has done their best to provide their best for this event.

Donation amounts vary throughout the event, but all items do donate a minimum of 15% to Wigs for Kids. There are also Kiosks for direct donations, and Bandana Booths that donate 100% of all purchases.

There are no Fees to join the Hair Fair Demo Group. There are also no groups to join for any other incentives to the Fair, do not accept group invites while attending the event. We do not spam invitations to anything.

Each Sim is named after a hair colour. This may help you with navigation and knowing where you left off when visiting the event, or sharing information with others. All logo boards at the front of each store are named with the hair store name. If you have hover-tips active in your viewer settings, this will allow you to mouse over boards to see which is which if textures are slow to rez.

Each sim has visibility turned off, which helps with lag and how much you have to render, so do not panic if you land and cannot find your friends — they may just be on another sim. There are two additional sims for cam shopping with very little on them to load. If you follow the paths of Hair Fair you will visit each store on every sim, so start in one direction and you will end up where you started.

Hair Fair Redelivery Sign

All packs have scripts that will redeliver if you did not get the item when purchased. There is a limit of how many purchases each script can keep track of before your transaction falls out of the log, so be sure you check you have a purchase when you buy something. If you try and buy it again it will redeliver as well as refund you, but it is simpler to just left click on the pack you purchased to receive a redelivery. If you still have trouble, try relogging and check transaction information and contact the seller of the hair you purchased.

Wigs for Kids all items Donate

Every pack of hair sold at hair fair donates a minimum of 15% if no sign stating a percentage it will be the minimum. Bandanas and Hair Fair Hares donate 100% and any donations made to the kiosks around the event are 100% donations.

Male Hair Sign

It may have a mix of both male and female styles, unisex styles or male only, but check them all, as the symbol is just to make it easier.

Foils – Cam Sim

Foils North

Foils West

Joins Noirette & Brunette

Streaks – Cam Sim

Streaks East

Streaks North

Joins Brunette & Blonde

Redhead Sim

Direction from landing point facing into sim

Bandana Booth

Lock & Tuft (right side landing point)

lock&tuft - arthas- hair fairlock&tuft - elijah - hair fairlock&tuft - logan - hair fairlock&tuft - mason - hair fair

Analog Dog  (right side landing point)


Analog Dog - MATOAnalog Dog - ONOAnalog Dog - POEIA

Ade (right side middle)

ADE - Brower SLADE - Grande SLADE - Issa SLADE - Loren SLADE - Toni SLADE - Zayn SL

F&M Oblivion (right side middle)

F&M Oblivion Giovanni dalle Bande NereF&M Oblivion Lucrezia Borgia

Studio Exposure (right side middle)

HAIRFAIR 2018 24K COLLECTION Studio Exposure

Zibska (right side middle)

Zibska for Hair Fair 2018 _ AdrasteaZibska for Hair Fair 2018 _ AnankeZibska for Hair Fair 2018 _ EurydomeZibska for Hair Fair 2018 _ Harpalyke

VoltHair (right side middle)

Volthair MVolthair F

Clawtooth (left side middle)


Pink Hustler (left side middle)


Curious Kitties (left side middle)

Curious Kitties - BadieCurious Kitties - BattietwistCurious Kitties - EraknabattCurious Kitties - LoliebatCurious Kitties - PunkinpatchCurious Kitties - Spooknest

Escalated (left side middle)


Beusame (left side landing point)

kirk_1_Beusamekirk_2 BeusameKIRK_Beusame

EMO-tions (left side landing point)

EMO-tions - ASTAposter..EMO-tions - KAYAposter.EMO-tions - SEYCHELLEposter.EMO-tions - jojo...

ASO! (left side landing point)

Aso - hana1-512Aso - Saki1-512Aso - yume1-512

[BMS] Blossom Mesh Object Shop (left side landing point)


Noirette Sim

Direction from landing point facing into sim

Bandana Booth

Lovey Dovey (right side outer)

Lovey Dovey - honey vendorLovey Dovey - pumpkin vendorLovey Dovey - sugar vendor

It Girls (right side outer)

It Girls BorderlineIt Girls novo

Kuni (right side outer)


Unorthodox (right side outer)

Fabia (right side outer)

no.match (right side middle)


Barber Shop (right side middle)

Barber Shop - Lin HairBarber Shop - Nathan Hair

Kokolores (right side middle)

[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Linn[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Malin[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Sanna[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Signe[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Solvig

BonBon (left side middle)

BonBon - KinsleyBonBon - Sam

Decoy (left side middle)

Decoy Hair 9amDecoy Hair AliceDecoy Hair Lola

Adoness (left side middle)

adoness - v-ainia-Hair Fairadoness - v-beanie-Hair Fairadoness - v-hipp-Hair Fairadoness - - world

Shi. (left side middle)

Shi_Sa-rah V2FShi_YaReshFinal

Wasabi (left side outer)

Wasabi - camila_vendor_HFWasabi -cole_vendor_HFWasabi -maddie_vendor_HF

Iconic   (Narcisse Guest) (left side outer)


Narcisse Clio Headpiece Ad 1024

Iconic - asha_flickr5Iconic - gaia_flickr5Iconic - innaNNA5r

Bliensen + Maitai (left side outer)

Bliensen + MaiTai Hair - LynnBliensen + MaiTai Hair - RosaBliensen + MaiTai Hair - Vera

Modulus (left side outer)

modulus hairs elijah 1024modulus hairs fraser 1024

Brunette Sim

Direction from landing point facing into sim

Bandana Booth

RedMint (right side outer)

RedMint -Hair-No.55'18RedMint -Hair-No.59'18

Limerence (right side outer)

Limerence - maisyLimerence - marisa

Speakeasy (right side outer)

Speakeasy Billiejo hairSpeakeasy Jill hairSpeakeasy Julia hairSpeakeasy Lee hair

Alli & Ali Designs (right side outer)

A&A Celebration Hair All ColorsA&A Dany Hair All Colors-picA&A Joff Hair All Colors

Rama Salon (right side middle)

Rama Jess HairRama Polly Hair

Exile (right side middle)

Exile - A Little SassyExile - IntensityExile - MysteriousExile - Trouble

Homage (right side middle)


Homage_KhajHomage_Deyna WIndyHomage_Deyna

Astrology (right side middle)

Astrology for Hair Fair 2018 - AndrewAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - GretchAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - JillianAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - KaraAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - SabianaAstrology for Hair Fair 2018 - Tiffany

booN (right side middle)


LiquidMoon Hair (left side middle)

Liquid Moon - AMBERknowswhyLiquid Moon - AMYwantsmoreLiquid Moon - LARA winks GIFTLiquid Moon - LINDAsays

Phoenix Hair (left side middle)


ONE-Creations / Hair Studio ONE (left side middle)

DQ... Male Cornrows braids ( FATPACK )DQ...Cowgirl Double tails ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Fem Cornrows braids lose ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Long Fem Fringes ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Male Cornrows Braids SHORT ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Male Top Dreads ( FATPACK ) boxDQ...Twist Long Dreads (FATPACK ) 1L GIFT box

Sintiklia (left side middle)

Sintiklia - Amara vendor2Sintiklia - Clovervendor

Tameless (left side middle)

Tameless AdeliseTameless CarmelaTameless JasneenTameless ParisTameless Santana

enVogue (left side outer)

enVOGUE - HAIR Ravenna webenVOGUE - HAIR Marsella webenVOGUE - HAIR Serena web

Izzie’s (left side outer)

Izzie's LeLutka Hairbase2Izzie's LeLutka HairbaseIzzie's Laq Hairbase2Izzie's Laq HairbaseIzzie's Catwa Hairbase2Izzie's Catwa Hairbase

Ayame Ame (left side outer)


Bandana Booth (left side outer)

KMH (left side outer)


Blonde Sim

Direction from landing point facing into sim

Bandana Booth

Opale (right side outer)

Opale . KiraOpale . Madison

Calico (right side outer)

Calico - MonroeCalico - Saira

Vanity Hair (right side outer)

Back to School (1)Godsplan (1)

Avada (right side outer)

Avada - Amina HairbaseAvada - Arcturus HairbaseAvada - Belzreom HairbaseAvada - Isadora HairbaseAvada - Marisol Hairbase

Argrace (right side outer)

Argrace - CHITOSE_(M-Redelivery)Argrace - IORI_(M-Redelivery)Argrace - MEGURU_(M-Redelivery)

Bandana Booth (right side middle)

Love (right side middle)

Love [Barbie Hair] AD 512x512Love [Honey Bunny Hair] AD 512x512

Cheveux (right side middle)


Tableau Vivant (right side middle)

Tableau Vivant - Ari braid FIXED

Tableau Vivant - Blue hairTableau Vivant - Catwa HB M2Tableau Vivant - Halo hairTableau Vivant - Isabel hairTableau Vivant - lelutka HB3

Fashionably Dead (right side middle)

fd hair fair 2018 coffee ad 1024fd hair fair 2018 tea ad 1024

Amiable (left side middle)

{amiable)Gift{amiable)Hair003_ -{amiable)Hair002_{amiable}Hair Fair AD001

Navy & Copper (left side middle)

Navy+Copper - Biscotti_512Navy+Copper - Waffle_512

Just Magnetized (left side middle)

Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase set 03Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase set 04

Ayashi (left side middle)

Ayashi - mokkaAyashi - Lightning

Tukinowaguma (left side outer)


Mina Hair  (left side outer)

MINA Hair - AnnieMINA Hair - FrankieMINA Hair Lily Hairfair 2018 gift

Tram (left side outer)


Eliavah (left side outer)

Eliavah - sorahairvendorx2048Eliavah - Tsukuyomi Hair Vendorx2048

Pr!tty (left side outer)

New Phototastic Collage

Hair Fair 2018 Banner


Hair Fair 2018 – Join Demo Group

Hair Fair 2018 Join Demo Group

Each year the day before Hair Fair starts the participants send their demos to our demo group. This is so that you can spend a day trying all the styles in advance and know before you arrive what styles you want to purchase. It helps not only you have fun trying everything, but also decreases lag at the event, with fewer people trying on demos during.

We urge you to join the group in world – secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about – copy and paste into local chat to join. Or you can click the poster near our subscribo .


See you at Hair Fair 2018…

Hair Fair 2018 Banner


Hair Fair 2018 – Raffle – Final Draw

The winners of the final draw of the Hair Fair Early Access Raffle are:

Roza Helix
yakko Lemon

We would like to thank all that entered as well as all the stores that provided machines for people to get tickets from. The final list of winners are below, and we have contacted them all in world and they will be able to visit Hair Fair 2018 on the 21st with a friend.

We hope to see the rest of you on the 22nd of September through to the 7th of October.

Hair Fair 2018 Raffle Winner Final Draw


Hair Fair Raffle Winners – Day 9

Day Nines two winners of the Hair Fair 2018 Raffle for Early Access are:

donotgivemyself Resident
Liona Karillion

we will contact them in world and let them know of their win 🙂congratulations

Hair Fair 2018 - Raffle Promo Poster


List of locations to get your Raffle Ticket to enter are HERE you can enter each day for ten days, fresh new draw each day.

Each store listed below has a Raffle ticket dispenser visible at that location. (Not all stores participating in Hair Fair are listed due to vacations prior to the event.)


Alli&Ali Designs



Analog Dog




Ayame Ame



Blossom MeshObject Shop



Calico Hair


Curious Kitties









F&M Oblivion

Fashionably Dead



Just Magnetized







Mina Hair

Mithral Apothecary


Navy & Copper



Pink Hustler



Red Mint




Tableau Vivant


The Barber shop


Vanity Hair

Wasabi Hair Store