Hair Fair & Bloggers Day




All comments are now closed on this, thank you for your applications.

One of the most exciting days of Hair Fair has always been Bloggers Day – this year it will be 3rd September. Exciting for the committee because it is a test run for the event, and exciting for the designers as their new releases are revealed to people from all over the world. In the hopes that they will share their creations through blog posts with amazing pictures and delightful insights.
This year we are making sure that enough notice is given for bloggers from all over Second Life to apply for admission to that event. It is limited in numbers, because the sims themselves have avatar limits, and there are many hundreds of bloggers.
Priority will be given of course to bloggers that did a lot of posts on the event last year, as well as those that feature and give credit to hair in their posts all year round. The bloggers must also be regular bloggers, with visible posts crediting them as author.

All bloggers applying will have to provide a link to their blogs, as well as a minimum of three blog posts relating to either Hair Fair past, or Posts that they feel are focused towards hair – no editing of previous posts.EDIT BELOW
Full Avatar name, as well as flickr link if you have one.
All applications are to be done in the comments of this post, the comments are moderated, the info will not show to the public. ONLY the committee will see the applications, this is not meant to be a cattle call, but we do not want to miss out on anyone due to Second Life lag, and the possible misdirection of notecards.
If you are not a fashion blogger, but an events blogger, who would like to do a feature on the event, please apply, we would love to see the event covered as a whole, including info about the charity Wigs for Kids etc.
You must have your comment application in by the 10th of August, as preparations for the event will need to be organised, and invitations sent out.Only one blogger per blog may be accepted due to limits.
Thank you All
Hair Fair Committee

EDIT : There seems to be some confusion as to what and who can apply for this. ALL fashion bloggers that wear hair in their posts, and credit hair in their posts can apply. Those that actually do mention in their posts that such and such released new, or that they got new hair, or that they love the new hair from, or that they wish such and such would make more new hair, because the hair they are wearing is from them and they love it  CAN APPLY TO BLOGGERS DAY. The ‘focus’ on and Hair posts part was to let those that never change their hair, and those that don’t credit the stores they get the hair from from know that they would not get access over those that do.

Those that are confused by that, it was not our intention to do so, the rest of the committee looked over the post first, and we didn’t read it as being too rule focused, if in doubt, think about WHO the people are on the committee, at least 5 of them are bloggers.


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Hair Fair Application Reminder

This is a reminder to all Hair Creators, Hair Fair applications must be in by 30th June 2010 for this years Hair Fair 2010. All info on the Rules and Application details can be found HERE and HERE, if you have any questions regarding application, please send a note-card to HairFairSL Core and they will be answered as soon as possible.

This is an incredible opportunity for all Hair Creators to donate to a worthwhile cause, Wigs for Kids is this years Charity of Choice, and we are proud to be able to help people in need in such a worthwhile way. We are so very excited to be working with our Sponsor ” A fashionable Secret Admirer ” who will be revealed soon.


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Hair Fair 2010 Apply NOW

The Hair Fair 2010 Application is now available. Please make sure that you read all the Rules and the FAQ Page for all information on being a participant in this years Hair Fair. If you have any questions regarding the process please send them by email to and a Hair Fair Committee Member will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are so excited to be donating the proceeds of this years fair to Wigs for Kids, a wonderful charity that helps children in need. You can find information about Wigs for Kids on their website HERE.

Many of the previous participants have already filled in their applications for their booths, so make sure not to delay. The faster you get your application sent in, the higher the chance of getting your spot. The fee will not be charged until you are accepted and invited to the group, and prim counts will be based on the numbers we receive from all applicants, as is the case every year. In four years though we have never had anyone not have enough, no matter what size booth they take :).

Our Sponsors this year are still a big Secret, but the “Secret Admirer” is getting closer to being revealed, which we are so excited about. With their help we plan on having many treats for you at Hair Fair 2010. Not only will they be donating the sims, but are also building the booths and ambiance for us, which is a huge task and we are so appreciative of them for that.

Unfortunately the Subscribomatic that was previous used has not been transferred over in time for this years event, so if you joined it last year or prior to the last month, please make sure and visit one of the two locations HERE and HERE and subscribe again for up to date info on Hair Fair 2010. As usual our Flickr Contest will take place prior to opening, so keep your eyes open for announcements regarding that.

Applications must be submitted before June 30th so do not delay. Send in your applications ASAP as space is limited.


Hair Fair 2010 COMING SOON

This years Hair Fair will be September 4th until September 19th, that is only a few months preparation time, so I am putting it out there now to start getting ready. Further info will be following.
This years Charity will be Wigs for Kids and they will be joining us in world as the charity of choice, we are very excited about that.
Also it is an honor to the whole Hair Fair, that this year we have a “Fashionable Secret Admirer” that has come forth with sponsoring all four sims needed for Hair Fair 2010. Information on the identity of that will be a secret until closer to the fair, exciting isn’t it.

If you are interested in participating in this years event please bookmark this blog and be prepared……


**The application process will be handled by email this year, so if you do not have an avatar email address create one if you have problems with using your RL one. All email addresses will be kept private.

Important to all

Hi All,

It has been brought to our attention that many are upset about not being invited to the pre opening of hair fair, we totally understand how that can be, it happens with so many events throughout the year. The day before Hair Fair has always been a crazy last minute setting up day, designers upset and stressed, tears and tantrums ( oh wait thats only me ) and unfortunately for some; computer issues that keep them locked out from setting up their booth until minutes before opening – prays for Helena Stringer to get in in time, so she isn’t upset.

It is the same confusion every year, last year though we decided to make it a sneak peak for a handful of people that may encourage many to come and donate with their hearts to this worthwhile cause, and buy some fabulous hair in the process. We never intended anyone to feel that they were not as important in the designer/blogger community, it is just that we cannot invite everyone on that day, but invite all to join us on the official opening day.

It is also a Prize for the winners of the Flickr Contest to have that access too, that they are VIPs for the day, and actually get a chance to run into other talented people like themselves, we are so happy to be able to share this day with a few, its our practice run also to make sure scripts are working and people let us know if things aren’t correct, beta testing if you will.

Hair Fair is never fully set up on this pre day, so people have to navigate around empty booths and designers, as well as random prims, so know full well that anyone that is here prior to will also have to return once it is open to really get the full feel of Hair Fair 2009.

We strongly hope that this in no way reflects on the efforts of the hundreds of people that have worked so hard for this event, not just the Committee but the Hair Designers, builders, scripters, and partners and friends that have endured months of preparation. We know deep down you understand how this has to be, and look forward to seeing you all at the Hair Fair.

Don’t forget that Bandana Day is the 3rd of July and those are placed around the fair for purchase, we hope that many bloggers will encourage others to replace their hair on this day.

Again thank you all for making this about Community Spirit not just the individual.