2009 Hair Fair is Extending 2 More Days!

We all know about the problems that Second Life was having over last weekend.  To make up for these 2 days of issues we are extending the 2009 Hair Fair until midnight on July 6th. This will give everyone two extra days of Hair Fair goodness.

We will have an updated slurl list posted later this evening.

The Hair Fair designers are still welcome to set up in their own shops after July 4th but be patient if you do not see their new styles immediately on display at their main locations.

2009 Hair Fair Auction – New Addtion

Due to some technical difficulties, one of our planned auctions wasn’t able to go up with the rest. We’re happy to report that it’s up now along with the other 10 auctions in the auction area in the NE Hair Fair sim. The Satin Fantail Mohawk comes in 12 colors, and the creator Helena Stringer has offered to model it in-world for anyone who would like to see it in action before bidding.

Helena Stringer – Stringer Mausoleum

Thank you to all 11 designers offering these one-of-a-kind styles in the auctions and to Shep Korvin of Lucky Designs for donating the entire auction system.

View the other auction styles.

Hair Fair Flickr Groups

Hair Fair 2009 is in full swing and, wow, it has been a bumpy ride so far. At any given time during the weekend one or two of the Hair Fair sims was offline. Thank you so much to the Lindens for doing all they could to make sure that we were back up as soon as possible during a a very stressful time for them with thousands of regions in the red zone.

Also a big shout out to those at Beta Technologies who have provided all four sims for Hair Fair this year at a cost to them.  We thank them not only for the land but also by being awesome and actually changing the name of two of the sims to include Hair Fair in the title.

Hair Fair 2009 is from now until 4th of July and, with that in mind, it is really important that the word is spread. This event has always showcased NEW Items only from talented hair creators all over the grid but has always been about the fundraising aspect of it.
This year all money donated will go to Locks of love and that money will pay for wigs that are made for children with hair loss due to illness or injury.

On July 3rd this year, Bandana Day will be upon us. Bandana Day is the day when we all remove our beautiful hair and wear the modified Bandanas that are for sale ONLY at Hair Fair.  Bandana Day is an annual event that takes place on the last full day of the Hair Fair.
Bandana Day notice

Bandanas are located at the landing points of each sim at Hair Fair 2009 costing only 50L each and are transferable. These bandanas, as always, are creative, fun, and a good collectible witht he originals being deleted once Hair Fair 2009 is over.  Don’t miss out on getting something someone made that you adore.

We have also added some Flickr groups this year.  We encourage you to add pictures to these group to help share with people about the Hair Fair and also works as a timeline for past and future exciting events.

Hair Fair 2009 “Show us Your Hair” Group – This group is for all of those that have been blogging, taking snapshots, art pictures and everything else that showcases the NEW Releases at this years Hair Fair.

Hair Fair/Bandana Day – This group is for people to upload their ads for the bandanas they made this year or years past (please specify if not this year) as well as snapshots of people wearing Bandanas on Bandana Day 2009 and other years past.

I have been shown pictures over the past three years from excited people participating, so this year we want everyone to share with each other.

Hair Fair Booths – A group where creators or fans can show the booths of this year and years past that they enjoyed or built for Hair Fair.  Often these just get deleted at the end of the Hair Fair and we would love to keep a memory of them here.

Hair Fair 2009 Official Vendors Group – This group is for all the participants of the 2009 Hair Fair to show their vendor ads.  This way people can see exactly what hair belongs to what store and also be tempted by them.  This group is only for pictures submitted by the creators of the hair.

Thank you,  all, and remember the 2009 Hair Fair is open until midday on July 4th.  It is a celebration of Hair with a worthwhile cause so if you have already been, and it was over the weekend with sims going down left and right, make sure you come back when the sims settle.  You can always keep an eye on the map (type Hair Fair in search) and see how many people are in each sim.

Thank you, once again.  We are grateful for the wonderful support of the Second Life community during this event.

Laynie Link’s Surviving Hair Fair Lag Tips

The following is a reprint of a lag survival guide that Laynie Link wrote for the 2008 Hair Fair. The advice is still sound and will work wonders at the current 2009 Hair Fair.

I know, everyone, I know. You’re dying to run around the Hair Fair, looking fabulous and buying wigs, but the lag is so bad that you can barely move! What do you do?

Never fear. I have suggestions for how to make the Hair Fair a less laggy experience for everyone, including you! You have to think about it from a technical point of view. Every prim you add affects lag, especially when those prims are flexi and/or transparent. I’ve taken some pictures of various outfits, showing how they can affect lag.

First, let’s look at the ARC. That’s Avatar Rendering Cost, a way to get an idea of how laggy your attachments are. You can find it under the Advanced options on your top toolbar (Advanced –>Rendering –>Info Displays –>Avatar Rendering Cost). If you don’t see the Advanced options, it’s easy enough to fix- just press Control/Alt/D, and it’ll show up.

Now, I know everyone’s saying, “But Laynie, ARC is a myth/is unreasonable/is unrealistic!” I know. But we’re trying to cut down on lag, and if your computer doesn’t have to render it, then your machine has less lag. So just work with me on this, ok?

Brief disclaimer- I am not saying anything here is bad, or should be avoided. But in a situation you know will be crowded and crazy, it just makes sense to try to do what you can to minimize lag, right? I’m not listing where to get any of the items, because this is about the concept, not the items in general.

Ok. I put on some of my favorite things. MY hair resembles this in RL, these are the first boots I bought in SL (and I still adore them), and the jewelry is a lot of my go-to stuff. But look at the ARC!

Yes, that ARC is 4609, for those who don’t want to click the image. Holy Moly, folks, that’s pretty high! And yet, I’ve seen ARCs at the Hair Fair of 10,000 and higher! We definitely need to avoid that if at all possible. I know, you want to look good, but I promise that more people are looking at hair than at your avatar.

So what can be done to help this? First, swap some things out. Go for hair that’s not flexi (or has fewer flexi parts) and has few or no alpha textures- the ones with the pretty painted curls. Lose the belt, take off some of the jewelry, and go for some shoes that aren’t as primmy.

Also, this may be a personal thing, but almost no one will be close enough to see your pretty prim eyelashes, so those can go as well. Consider it a dress down day!

Better. I’ve taken my avatar from the giant red 4609 to a pretty green 467 just by swapping out hair, changing shoes, and taking off some accessories. It’s a cute outfit, but could we do better? Of course! I wouldn’t be showing you this if we couldn’t!

But what can we change now, without going bald? Well, think about it… I could put on hair with even fewer prims and swap out my sneakers for ballet flats. Taking off my wedding ring (eeeek, no!) dropped quite a bit as well.

Here are several looks, taking off jewelry, wearing different hair, etc. You really can pull off a cute look with an ARC of under 100. Also, please remove things like your AO and your Mystitool. I know, I know… it hurts. But it’s for a good cause!

So this is great… there are things you can do on your own avatar to cut down on lag. But what about all those other people that are blinging and poofing and wearing 1000+ prims?

This is where changing your preferences comes in very handy. I don’t have the best computer in the world, so I usually keep my settings like this:

This usually works for me in most situations. Sometimes I’ll make my draw distance bigger, but not on mainland because you end up loading EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, since the Hair Fair is absolutely packed with people, I make a few changes that seriously help.

If you look, you’ll see I turn off everything that makes SL pretty. But textures aren’t affected, and this way I can actually move. You can still shop, and let’s face it, that’s what Hair Fair is about, right?

2009 Hair Fair Auction

In addition to all of the new gorgeous hairstyles available for purchase at Hair Fair 2009, 10 designers have donated unique, one-of-a-kind styles to auction off for our charity Locks of Love. Some styles are unique because of their texturing or added accessories, and others are completely new styles.Thank you to the following designers!

Battle Angel – Alexia Dreadlow

Exile – Kavar Cleanslate

Kiss – Elke Banting

Lag Designs – Vessus Candour

MiaSnow – MiaSnow Myriam

miau haus – Posy Trudeau

Milestone Creations – Miranda Milestone

NDN – trilochankaur Rehula

Philotic Energy – Aemilia Case

Sari’s – Sari Telling

We also thank Shep Korvin of Lucky Designs, who generously donated our auction system. Take a look at all of the auctions in person at the NE Hair Fair sim. Maybe you’ll be one of the winners when the auctions end on July 4!