Hair Fair 2021 totals and thank you

Another Hair Fair closed for the year and we are so proud of the work that the participants and everyone involved put into this year. L$2,546,522 is the total raised by donations from purchases of products sold at the event by participating brands. Thank you so much for not only giving of your time and… Continue reading Hair Fair 2021 totals and thank you



Hair Fair 2019 – Thank you/Receipt from Wigs for Kids

// Thank you again to everyone that makes this event possible each year, we appreciate the efforts of all the participants in the event, the Hair and Accessories creators that donate part of their earnings during this time to help us help Wigs for Kids. Thank you to all the Bloggers that cover the event,… Continue reading Hair Fair 2019 – Thank you/Receipt from Wigs for Kids


Hair Fair 2017 – Thank you/Receipt

The event is now closed, thank you all so much for making this another great year. L$3,682,156 Hair Store Donations L$338,347 Bandana Booth & Donation Kiosks Total 4,020,503L Wigs for Kids have taken possession of the funds raised and are very impressed each and every year on the efforts made by Hair creators from Second Life and the… Continue reading Hair Fair 2017 – Thank you/Receipt