Hair Fair 2023 Applications NOW OPEN

Hair Fair Applications NOW CLOSED – thank you so much for a fantastic response, see you all in June.

(if you positively need to be in Hair Fair and missed the deadline for applications, contact Sasy Scarborough and we will see if we have space available)

This years Hair Fair will occur mid June to July.

Hair Fair is a Charity event, we donate a percentage of all transactions to Wigs for Kids. You can see past donation thank-yous HERE.

The event will Open Saturday (Morning) June 17th  and Close Sunday (Night) July 2nd

Please read all information provided so that you know of timelines, rules and anything else you will need to know before submitting your application. We have changed many rules this year and last, so that you as a creator are able to expand on your creations in the way you see fit.
Please make sure to read them as pretty much every category has a change to it.

Creators Timeline:

March – Applications and invitations

March 16th – Applications Open

March 29th – Applications Close

Previous Participants you will need to apply, but you will be approved automatically by doing so. You will be contacted as soon as applications are received for confirmation, if you do not hear within 24 hours please contact HairFairSL Core We are not doing separate applications for previous and open to all, so get your applications in as soon as possible to help with numbers.

March 29th – 31st – All applications approved will be contacted by this date.
If you do not hear by the end of this date please contact HairFairSL Core.

March 31st – Booth payments Start (you may pay as soon as you have been notified of acceptance)

April 7th – Booth payments End (Reminders will go out in advance of this date)

April 1st – 7th – Group invites sent – Designers group & Demo group needed (if you are still in the Demo group from previous years, stay in it) It will be the responsibility of you and your Partner/Manager to make sure you have the correct groups so that you do not miss out on announcements leading up to the event. If a group invite is missed please contact HairFairSL Core.

May 2023 – Work on your releases!

May 1st – May 9th  – Booth interiors, Promotional material for your stores and social media provided in group. Please unpack this as other information will also be provided.

June 2023 – Be ready!

June 12th(Monday) – Booth set up starts

June 15th (Thursday) – Booth set up ends

Set up period is four full days. You have from 00:01 am Monday Morning until 11:59 pm Thursday Night. Everything is provided in advance. All you need to do is arrive and place your items. We will make sure you know in advance that it is coming to that time.

Once your booth is set up and you have provided HairFairSL Core with your vendor images full perms, you can proceed to add them to our Flickr pool, send out bloggers packs and do any promotions you wish to do for this event.

June 16th (Friday) – DEMO Day & Early Access

– Demos sent out through Demo Group
– Early access to the event.

June 17th (Saturday) – Hair Fair is OPEN to the public.


July 2nd (Sunday all day and night open) – Hair Fair Closes to the public.


Rules & Information for Hair Fair 2023

Please take the time to read all information provided. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact HairFairSL Core. All participants must have an already established hair/accessories store in Second Life to be eligible.

New/ish rules throughout, please read them so that you know what has changed. It is your store, your brand that you are representing at Hair Fair. There was a need for the rules we had in the past, but we did not mean them to limit change and growth, so they have now been changed to accommodate a lot of things that have come up in the past few years.


This is a charity event! You will have to either set up your own vendor system to split to the charity account we provide information for, or use the scripts we can provide, one or the other not both. We have listened to your need to keep transactions in one system.

IMPORTANT! You must also turn off store credit and gift-cards as an option of purchase, because the event is a charity event if people use those options there will be no donations.

If you do not have a vendor system we provide the scripts you can use and if you need a split script with a partner, contact HairFairSl Core well in advance of the event so that we can customise a donation vendor script for you. Do not leave this until the last minute! We will only do a split for you, one partner and the charity.

You must not use scripts for DEMOS – every script even for give items is extra scripts we do not need on the regions – set the demo to buy for 0L, all demos must be 0L/Free

Creators NEW NEW NEW Minimum!

1 – 6 New products must be released at the event!

We know how much effort it now takes to complete a full hairstyle with style options so we have changed the minimum to 1 style, so that you have more time to release something wonderful for this event.

Hair Fair is an exclusive items only event – this is only during the event, all items can be sold once the event is over at your store or on marketplace as any regular release. The styles you offer at the event must never have been sold or distributed at any other time or place before or during the event. Gifts/dollarbies are the only exception.

All items must be packaged and priced exactly the same way they would be sold in your stores. Please do not offer items cheaper or combine packs into one if that is not how you usually sell them.

Hair Attachments/Add ons

Attachments (mohawks, ponytails, buns, pigtails, braids, etc.) can be sold with or without a hair base included. If you are showing a hair base in your vendor ad, but it isn’t included, be sure to make that clear on your vendor ad. If you have any questions on this please contact HairFairSL Core.

Items released by your brand must be created by your store designers. You cannot release full perms mesh styles or content purchased from 3D markets.

Full Hairstyles

Hair bases included with a full hairstyle do not have to be new to the event if just providing a hairline for your styles that you always include with every pack, as these are not a selling point of the style and not sold separately.

Hair Bases

(This will include stores that create hair bases only.)

Hair bases must be created by your brand; they must not be commissions or purchases outside of SL or inworld/marketplace as full perms.

Hair base creators
Hair bases being sold as a separate item must be new for the event.

Facial Hair Creators

Mesh facial hair is allowed and will need demos so that customers can be assured of fit before purchase.

Facial Hair Appliers and Bakes on Mesh
must be hand drawn by your brand, not commissions or purchases outside of SL or inworld/marketplace. You must include a bakes on mesh BOM layer in your product along with any appliers.

Hair Accessories & Props etc.

Not only are hair accessories allowed, but hair props – hairdryers, curling irons, salon decor/backdrops, hair focused poses are all something as hair lovers we would like to see at Hair Fair.

The item must add to the beauty and or functionality of hairstyles. Tiaras, hair-sticks or accessories that adorn, hair flowers, jewelry, hats and horns are all items that partner so well with the hair community and what Hair Fair wants to be.
If you make a jewellery set that has more than the hair accessories portion, even if sold separately it would count as one release, Example : Tiara, Necklace and Earrings would be one release. The same with props or pose sets etc,

You can now also collaborate with a clothing brand to do clothing that has hair as part of the clothing such as a hoodie/cape with hair built into the style for a perfect look. If curious about a style in that way, please contact HairFairSL Core so we can discuss, Hair does have to be the attention grabber of the items though as it is Hair Fair.

You as the main brand will be responsible for the collaboration brand, if they do not do what is expected of them that will impact your participation in the event. Make sure that any collaboration type style is in addition to your minimum of 1 style, so that in the event that the other person does not fulfill their part of the collaboration, or are unable to log in etc, you are still able to participate.

If the person you are wanting to collaborate with has a lot of talent and ideas, it is a good idea to recommend they have their own booth at the event, so that they can do more than just the one item with you, separate of the collaboration.


At this time we are not positive on the build design, but we always make sure you have information and booth inners well ahead of time to do what you need to do.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to your participation in this event, please contact HairFairSL Core with any questions you may have.

Please use application form below to submit your application.