Hair Fair 2021 totals and thank you

Another Hair Fair closed for the year and we are so proud of the work that the participants and everyone involved put into this year.

L$2,546,522 is the total raised by donations from purchases of products sold at the event by participating brands. Thank you so much for not only giving of your time and talent but that you also donate a percentage of each purchase to help us help Wigs for Kids is just wonderful.

L$293,149 is the total donated at our kiosks and through purchases or Bandanas and Hair Fair Hares during the event, that donate 100% to Wigs for Kids. Thank you so much for those in the community that took the time to create these items so that they could be a part of this effort.

Total : L$2,839,671 as soon as we are able to process this donation and hear back from Wigs for Kids we will as always post that here.

We had an unusual amount of stores that signed up this year that were not able to participate due to RL reasons and we hope things get better for them. That lead to some interesting questions about the event overall in social media. We addressed some of those here in our Shoppers FAQ.
Without those signups at the start we would not have a proper understanding of the layout needed for the event, so even though they could not make it, they were definitely part of the process until we opened. We of course support them as hair/accessory creators all year long and are so proud of the hair and accessories creator community whether they are able to be part of Hair Fair or not. Second Life content creators as a whole are an incredibly giving community.

Special Thanks:

Linden Lab and their team to make it as seamless as possible to set up and run Hair Fair each year, as well as the destination guide and the support they provide if there are any situations that arise leading up to and during the event. We are so appreciative of their work, especially Patch, Brett and Strawberry that give that extra care needed.

Lassie Resident and the Firestorm team for providing us an opportunity to reach as many Second Life residents through their Message of the Day posts throughout the event. We are so grateful that that is a resource that they make available and shows wonderful community spirit for all events throughout the year and how to get the most out of your viewer of choice.

Mel Vanbeeck who helped create the build and those amazing balloons for our advertising boards, as well as the scripting and all the math that laying out any event needs and the bandanas that we sell during the event. He is the person that behind the scenes keeps Hair Fair on track when we sometimes veer off the rails. It is a lot of work for any event in Second Life and having a team that supports each other, and the cause overall is something that not only makes it possible but makes it something to be so very proud of being part of.

Whimsy Winx for always adding her abundance of flair and style to the event, her support as a team member and her care and consideration towards the participants and Wigs for Kids.

Anya OhMai each year I thank her for her providing us with the Hair Fair Hares that we embellish, and that are sold during the event. Each year her gift to us makes a considerable contribution to the totals and we are so appreciative to her.

Bloggers play a huge part in spreading the word on all things Hair Fair related, and we are super grateful to them each year. Those that gain early access or those that are bloggers for individual stores, it all helps in such a huge way to share much needed information that the event needs shared. Thank you to you all for sharing your gifts of not only the spoken word but also your talents with artistic looks that may have captured the imagination of those wanting to find just the right hair and accessories that we had at the event.

A further thank you to Wigs for Kids and the organisation itself for doing all that they do for Children in need throughout the year, we are so happy to be able to contribute in the ways in which we do, so that any child can go forward in their lives knowing that they have the support of such an amazing group. It is always a pleasure to communicate with them, and their willingness to provide any information that we need to hold this event, they are a great organisation to work with each year and their embracing of Second Life as a community is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this years Hair Fair and the previous and future years to come. We look forward to seeing you next year.