Happy Bandana Day 2021

Today is a shared experience, not only is it traditionally Bandana Day, last day of Hair Fair, but also 4th of July for those celebrating it. I hope you all enjoy the day, whether wearing a bandana or holding a Hair Fair Hare or just being with those you love that are important to you, that is what we at Hair Fair want for all . A huge thanks to those that not only purchased Bandanas and/or Hares that donate 100% to Wigs for Kids, but also to those that contributed by decorating and even making their own mesh bandanas for us to sell. Also a huge thanks to Mel Vanbeeck and Anya Ohmai for creating the Bandanas and Hares we use each year.

Hair Fair closes tonight at midnight SLT so you still have 10.5 hours to shop and make a difference.