Hair Fair 2020 – Announcement

Hair Fair 2020 Announcement

Due to the circumstances that are heavily impacting the world this year, we have decided to cancel Hair Fair 2020. This will be the first time since 2006 that Hair Fair has not been held, but due to the nature of the event, we do not feel that it is something that is manageable at this time for many involved. We respect the needs of all at this time and going forward, and we know that distractions and something to focus on may be what some need to get through this time, with so many people with additional issues, we felt that for this year it may be better to leave the question of charitable donations for each to consider privately instead of entangled with participation in an event.
We don’t know how much harder times are going to get, and for now that means better to temporarily shelf big plans and commitments to prioritise staying above the waves week to week.
We are very moved by the efforts of the community in Second Life to make this time as stress free as they can, as lighthearted as they can muster and as giving as possible. We wish all the hair and hair accessories community all our support this year and every year and will keep in touch with as many as we can through our designer group. We hope that everyone understands that this was not an easy decision, but we wholeheartedly feel it best.
We encourage those that can to still visit the WigsforKids website as they have always been big supporters of our efforts, and we continue to correspond with them every year.

Thank you
Sasy Scarborough
Whimsy Winx
Mel Vanbeeck