Hair Fair 2019 – MVPs and Totals


Hair Fair 2019 is now CLOSED!

Donations by Hair Stylists and Accessory Creating Participants: L$2,925,513

Bandanas, Hair Fair Hares and Donation Kiosk Total : L$215,725

Hair Fair 2019 Total: L$3,141,238


Hair Fair 2019 has come to a close, and it has been a great year overall. I would like to thank all the people that make this event happen each year.


Mel Vanbeeck who did an incredible job on the builds, the maps, and keeping us all on track for the preparation of the event. He is also responsible for all the scripting that takes place during and leading up to and every year it just gets better and better, as well as the base creation for our Bandanas. He redesigned the layout this year which made it an easier route than ever before, with less landmass and less walking needed to get from booth to booth, he is able to do the numbers in his head and amazes me each and every time, how quickly we get the initial layout conceptualised in advance because of it.

Whimsy Winx who adds the zhuzh to Hair Fair each year, every time we start to plan it, we bounce around ideas and she usually has some kind of vignette, colour palette or both rezzed while I am still just talking out the overall concept. She maintains a connection with the Designers who participate in the event, and diligently chases invites around as we collect everyone up in the appropriate groups.

Our Closest Friends who deal with us during the planning and setting up, and know that it is usually just we are neck-deep in it, and not anything else that puts us on radio silence for a few weeks.

Our RL Families who have pretty much come to understand that if you yell out Hair Fair when they are trying to get your attention it means we love you, we appreciate you, but we are focused.

Hair Fair Participants

The creators of the magnificent hairstyles and hair accessories that take time out of their schedules to create for an event that not only showcases their talents as a community but also does so through awareness and philanthropy to an amazing cause. It is the extension of information provided by their participation that each year sends information to their customer base, new and old, about what Wigs for Kids is, and what their participation in this annual event can do for others. We truly thank them for their efforts in not only their beautiful styles and by donating through them but reaching out through their groups and connections that enable the event to be as special as it is.

Their own personal teams, the Partners business or otherwise, the staff of their brands, and everyone else that by connection to them becomes one of the Hair Fair community. We appreciate all your efforts leading up to and during the event.

This year we had an unfortunate amount of RL issues that made it impossible for some that were signed up to set up, we hope that everything has and/or will right itself for them going forward. We appreciate the whole Hair community of Second Life, and whether they are able to participate or not year to year is often scheduling and/or real-life conflicts. We always want to make sure that as an expo of Hair Creation that that love for styles carries over into every day all year long, for newer and older stores. We are a showcase event and the Hair community is a diverse one, and we look forward to seeing everyone that we do each and every year.


To our Early Access Bloggers that are part of our lead up each year, we humbly thank you all, by reaching out to your readers you prep people for this event and do so in a way that really drives the spirit of the event as being one which is for the Second Life community overall. It teaches people that not only is it coming, it is here and what it as an event does, with not only creating an expo to show the grid what incredible stylists we have but also the Wigs for Kids part of it. Thank you all so much.

To all the Bloggers that spend the time to feature Hair Fair styles in their posts and send their readers our way, thank you all very much also, while early access is limited, it is really appreciated that you make sure that during the event your readers are aware of what is going on and that they can do their part to help Wigs for Kids too.

Draxtor Despres

While it was through Linden Lab asking him to do a feature video on us, it was a pleasure to have the experience and have him showcase the event in his style. Getting to experience him first hand was a great and fun time with myself and Mel, and we hope that he will spend some time at Hair Fair in years to come.

Linden Lab

Thank you to all the Lindens in all the world, just because, but a special shout out to Patch Linden for liaising with us leading up to the event, and the help he gives us each year afterwards in making sure that Wigs for Kids receive their donations as smoothly and soon as possible. Brett Linden for making sure that we have the event listed in the Destination guide and all that entails, with the help of Xiola and Strawberry Linden who also do such a great job with feature posts and shout outs, we are so grateful for that extra step taken to ensure this event is still such a great annual community event.

Firestorm and Lassie

The event would not get as much exposure as it does without the MOTD posts that Lassie puts up, not only for our event but for all the important things going on in Second Life day to day, week to week – she is a dynamo at keeping all of that on track for the year. If you are like me and sometimes miss what is said during login or teleport go to the Content menu top of your screen and click MOTD. Thank you again for all that she does and that the Firestorm team do overall to help the community.

Hair SL 

This group is for all hair lovers, all year long, so if you are not a member you should be. During the lead up to the event, we are able to post notices to let creators and like-minded people know the event is coming and then during we can announce the event is open for the group members that are hair fans.

Bandana Creators 

Each year we invite people from all over SL to decorate bandanas we provide so that they are sold at 100% donation during the event, they have become collectibles for many, and each year I buy so many just because I love them and what it means to those that have created and decorated them, some going as far as to add to the original or to even create their own mesh. We really appreciate that so much, and they bring in a huge amount of donations every year.

Anya Ohmai

For creating our much-beloved Hair Fair Hares, they have been a great success since they started as wearables for the event and have contributed to donations in a big way, we are really appreciative of not only their base creation but also that they are ours to use ongoing thanks to Anya.

HeatherDawn Cohen

Special thanks to Heather for helping us with the initial concept of the styling of the event. HeatherDawn has a great decor store and she was a valuable asset in the planning of the mood for Hair Fair this year.

The community of Second Life

Thanks to everyone that visited the event, that spent their hard-earned lindens to help us help Wigs for Kids, we have had many wonderful IMs from people that have embraced the event, the knowledge the event brings and just an overall excitement about being able to experience their 1st or their 10th Hair Fair. It warms our hearts each year to hear of people waiting each year for the event, being excited to visit and just the joy they extend to us with their IMs.


Thank you All 🙂

Sasy Scarborough