Hair Fair 2017 – Sims, Slurls and Styles

Hair Fair 2017

Hair Fair will open from 0.01am SLT 1st July and close 11.59pm SLT 16th July.

This is the list of Hair Stores participating in Hair Fair 2017. The list is divided by Sim location. Slurls are included but direct teleporting is not available. To use the slurls once at the location of the event, copy slurl to chat then right click and show on Map. This will give you a beacon to navigate towards. We do hope that you visit all the booths at Hair Fair as every creator has done their best to provide their best for this event.

Donation amounts vary throughout the event, but all items do donate a minimum of 15% to Wigs for Kids. There are also Kiosks for direct donations, and Bandana Booths that donate 100% of all purchases.

There are no FEEs to join the Hair Fair Demo Group. There are also no groups to join for any other incentives to the Fair, do not accept group invites while attending the event, we do not spam invitations to anything.

Each Sim is Named a Hair Colour, and each row has a shutter colour. This may help you with navigation and knowing where you left off when visiting the event, or sharing information with others. All logo boards at the front of each store is named with the Hair Store name, if you have hover-tips active in your viewer settings, this will allow you to mouse over boards to see which is which if textures are slower to rez.

Hair Fair 2017

Each sim is divided in half and visibility removed, this means that you will be able to see the sim but not any other avatar on the opposite side. This helps with lag and how much you have to render, so do not panic if you land and cannot find your friends, they are just on the other side of that division. This is also the case at the sim crossings, this helps more so when cam shopping across sims. We have two addition sims for cam shopping, shown in the top left and right of the map.

Foils – Cam Sim  (closed)

Joins Blonde & Brunette

Streaks – Cam Sim (Closed)

Joins Noirette & Brunette


Blue Shutters: Far Left of Sim


[sYs] HAIR FAIR Release






Red Shutters: Middle Left of Sim


Bandana Booth


Discord Designs


Yellow Shutters: Middle Right of Sim

Pink Hustler




Green Shutters: Far Right of Sim



Lock & Tuft


Bliensen + Maitai

Tabou – VOLT


Red Shutters: Far Left of Sim



Mithral Apothecary

Rosy Mood

Bandana Booth

Green Shutters: Middle Left of Sim


Ayame Ame


Aii the Ugly & Beautiful


Blue Shutters: Middle Right of Sim

Red Mint


Analog Dog


Yellow Shutters: Far Right of Sim








Blue Shutters: Far Left of Sim







Zsa Zsa’s House of Beauty

Red Shutters: Middle Left of Sim





Gorgeous Dolls


Yellow Shutters: Middle Right of Sim



Lovey Dovey

Barber Shop

Little Bones

Green Shutters: Far Right of Sim

Bandana Booth







Blue Shutters: Far Left of Sim




Red Shutters: Middle Left of Sim




DP YumYum

Vanity Hair

Yellow Shutters:  Far Right of Sim


Foxy - Hotline HairFoxy - Vixen HairFoxy - Zeke Hair


Alli & Ali Designs


Wasabi Pills

Green Shutters: Far Right Side of Sim



Bandana Booth


Tableau Vivant


Hair Studio One – One Creations

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    The Hair Fair is only hours away!!!

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    Hairfair 2017 opens soon!

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    The wait is finally over…Hair fair is here……woooots!!!

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    The Hair Fair has open its Doors, Pls visit this Link for all Informations and previews about the Fair – HAPPY HAIRFAIR EVERYONE ❤

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    IT’S HERE…HAIR FAIR!! This post is information on the Sims, Slurls and Hairstyles!

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  10. Honey

     /  July 1, 2017

    Awesome to see more men’s hair, keep em coming PLEASE, there still aren’t enough decent men’s hairs out there, designers!! … and nice to finally see more hair available for people of color. I’m glad to see that you don’t have to be white and female to be able to find something at the hair fair.

  11. love77777

     /  July 1, 2017

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    For me I am finding it easy for myself in trying hair. I joined the demo group and am looking at this blog for the styles I like. Then I go to the demo group and go into notices and grab the demos from there so I am getting only the ones I am interested in. Although it would be much nicer if I didn’t have to open the box then the folder then the boxes inside the folder then try the hairs…. it’s a lot of work to get the demo… other than that… this is a great way of doing it! Happy shopping!!!!


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    ALLLL the things for hair fair ladies! ❤

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    Hair Fair 2017 is here. Read on to get the details and preview all the newest wigs. Remember, it’s shopping for a great cause!

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    A fully comprehensive list of all booth location, and the wonderful hair on offer by each and every store participating in this years Hair Fair 2017. A percentage (minimum 15%) of all sales at Hair Fair goes to Wigs for Kids, making it an event where everything you purchase helps a child. I look forward to seeing you at Hair Fair 2017

  19. Thank you so much for putting all these hair styles here so that I could quickly view them all without wasting time going booth-to-booth at the Hair Faire.

    • Hi, you are welcome, I do hope you give a lot of them a second look though, I ended up finding styles that looked so different on than they did in the image, in a positive way, much to my delight 🙂 enjoy the fair.

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