Hair Fair 2017 – Bloggers Early Access Application

Hair Fair 2017

Each year the day before Hair Fair opens we give Early Access to Bloggers, so that they can feature the event on their blogs, share media information and let their readers know about this event as well as its Charity aspect. This is not an application to be a Blogger for Hair Fair, this is Early Access only…Review packs and the like are up to the individual Blogger to arrange with creators, being an Early Access Blogger does not give access to review packs.

Please fill in the below application if you wish to gain Early Access, to benefit the event through your website/blog, and share that information with your readers. Application open from 27th May – 5th June ONLY. Bloggers will be notified of acceptance by 9th June.

Early Access to Hair Fair 2017 is Friday 30th June, if you are not available that day, please do not apply. Only one application per blog/website allowed, spaces are limited.

Hair Fair is an event that brings awareness grid wide to the talents of our Hair Creators, but also the Wigs for Kids Charity. We hope that you will do all you can to bring this event to the attention of many, whether you are granted early access or not.

Thank you

Hair Fair Committee


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