Hair Fair Photo Contest 2015 – Winners

The Annual Hair Fair Photo Contest was a huge selection of lovely photos, featuring hair from our fantastic prize sponsors. It was not an easy thing to judge, it never is, but we as a committee and special guest judges, picked the ten that we felt captured their styles, and how they wanted to feature said styles. There are so many wonderful pictures, and narrowing it down to ten was not easy, but we are very happy with the outcome.

Thank you so much to everyone that entered.

1st Place

Ariyaa Resident

Hair Fair Photo Contest 2015 - Ariyaa Resident

2nd Place

ChimKami Resident

Space Reflection

3rd Place

Titzuki Yuitza

my friends

Runners up in no particular order :

Sunglo Resident

Kess Crystal 

AbsolutelyFaux Resident

Isabelli Anatine

iianqii Resident

Nigel Riel

David Thurman

All winners will be contacted by Sasy Scarborough by the 8th of July 2015.

Hair Fair 2015 Banner

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