Hair Fair COMING SOON – Demo Group Info

Hair Fair?

I have this friend, and knowing her and her Sister is like having magic in your life. I could honestly talk about Anya Ohmai and Suetabulous Yootz for hours, it is that easy to praise them both. But this post is about lots of other things, the main thing of course being that Hair Fair 2014 starts this Saturday! Anya made this incredible image, for no reason other than she just wanted to bring attention to the event in her own way, and her kindness allowed me the chance to share it with you all.

Hair Fair starts on Saturday the 12th of July and will run until the 27th of July, which will be closing day, as well as Bandana Day. Once the sims are open to the public we will post all information needed on this website, as well as notify those in our Subscribo machine. You can subscribe to that so you get information in world by tping HERE.

As per tradition all DEMOS will be sent out the day before the event on the 11th. To join the FREE group you can paste the following line in open chat in Second  Life and then click the link it will give you in history. Or you can search Hair Fair DEMO Group




Last year someone made a group that they promoted as a Hair Fair group and charged people to join…Hair Fair will never have a pay to join group. To make sure that you cannot join anything that costs accidentally, Firestorm has an option to never show the join buttons on pay to join groups.

Go to Preferences (CTRL P)  then the Firestorm Tab then click the Protection Tab , then down near the bottom is a checkbox near

Remove “Join” button from group invitations when joining costs a fee ‘ click that checkbox and it will save you from this horrible scam if it happens again, or just leave it on all year around like I do.




We hope you will all join us from the 12th at this years Hair Fair. All participants will be donating a portion of every sale made during the event. All hairstyles are brand new styles, and will only be at the event while the event is on, so you need to make sure and visit and help support them while they do a truly wonderful thing by donating to help us help Wigs for Kids.

Hair Fair 2014 Join Us Banner


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