Bandana Day Kits – Contact CharitySasy String

Bandana Day - Make a Bandana


Every year Second Life Residents from all over the grid, create wonderful Bandanas for Bandana Day which is the last day of Hair Fair. On Bandana Day we remove our hair to show we care, for those that suffer hair loss due to illness or disease. We provide the full perms kits for this, and collect the creations made, then they are sold by us exclusively at Hair Fair during the event, and all money raised goes to our donation total for Wigs for Kids.

If you would like to help us help Wigs for Kids, then contact CharitySasy String for your kit, and have them made by the 30th of June. We accept 4 bandanas from each person, and they will be available on each sim at the event and only at the event. The instructions are HERE as well as a Video we made last year to help you.

This is such a wonderful tradition and is its 8th year, since I started it in 2007. So I am again looking forward to seeing the beautiful Bandanas people create, as well as reading the memorable stories they share when submitting them.


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