Hair Fair 2013 – Scam Alert & Hair Donation from a Participant

Scam Poster

It pains me to have to even say this, but someone has been spamming the residents attending Hair Fair with group invites to a group that costs 500L and 250L. This is such a horrible thing, and they have stolen our hair fair images, and blurb to make it seem more authentic. The group suggests it is a ‘Gift” group, all gifts at Hair Fair are located in the booths of the stores giving them for FREE, or there are Dollarbies for 1L. These are the only gifts available at Hair Fair, and we would never charge for a group. If you see this invite, and you have time to do so, please report abuse so that the Lindens get this information by using the HELP menu at the top of your screen then the Report Abuse option.

Be very careful when accepting anything, take the time to look at everything, and if you are accepting an item you have purchased, be sure it is what you are clicking on, as the invites can come in fast, it is better to decline everything and go back to the vendor you just purchased from and click it for a redelivery than to risk accepting an invite to this horrible scam.

Again, this is a terrible thing.

For future reference to ALL Second Life residents. There has never in my 7.5 years in Second Life been a reputable store or event that has ever invited people to a group that charges. There are groups that do charge a fee to join, but those groups are available to join at the CHOICE of the resident. If you are ever sent a group invite that has a fee attached that is going to be a scam.

Now on a happy note….

Wigs for Kids Donation

Hair Fair 2013 is in full swing, the sims have all been busy with residents from all over Second Life, and we have heard wonderful things in IMs as well as blog posts. One of our participants this year who wishes to be anonymous, has donated their beautiful hair to Wigs for Kids. They contacted me yesterday and sent me this picture of their donation. This is such a lovely thing, to not only donate of their in world creations, but also to take that extra step to help. So if you also have long hair, and are feeling the heat, maybe check out the Wigs for Kids website, and see if your hair can help a child in need.


Hair Fair 2013 Stores and Info 

Hair Fair 2013 Join Us banner

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