Hair Fair Photo Contest Winners Announced

We are happy to announce the winning photos of this years Hair Fair 2013 Photo Contest. It was a hard choice, as we had so many wonderful entries. The first three winners will all receive prizes from the prize giving sponsors listed on the contest pages. The 7 runners up, will receive VIP access to Hair Fair on the evening of the 11th of July. Thank you to all that entered and all of our Prize donors, as well as all the great people that helped spread the word about the event.

1st Prize winner is :

Blanche Foxclaw

Princess Mononoke Movie Inspired

2nd Prize winner is :

Citta Wiskee

Into the Wild

3rd Prize winner is :

Lada Leeeroy


The 7 runners up in no particular order are :

Druunah Esharham

Cousin Itt

Sash Arabello

I Cry When Angels Deserve to Die

Roxi Firanelli


WrenNoir Cerise

Hair Fair Contest Photo 5

Catwoman Ember

The strangers - Hair Fair 2013

Been Littlebird


Wendz Tempest

Hair Fair 2013 Entry

Hair Fair 2013 Join Us banner

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