Bandana Kits – Tutorial and information

How to make a Bandana for Bandana Day and Hair Fair 2013 - Link to Video

For all of those that may have had some hesitation on creating a Bandana for Hair Fair 2013 Bandana Day, I made a tutorial to show how easy it is to use the tools we provide in the kit. This VIDEO shows how to use the shadow maps in an editing program and come out with a result that you can turn into your own Bandana work of art, and in doing so, help us help Wigs for Kids.

I do hope that you will give this a try as Bandana making has always been a full community project, not only the hair creators in the event.

Contact Sasy Scarborough in world for your Kit, thank you so much.

* please note, I was really nervous making this video and am very loud because of it, that and the fact that I am really loud in general.

Hair Fair 2013 Join Us banner

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