Hair Fair Bloggers Day Access UPDATE*

Hello everyone, this is an update about Hair Fair Bloggers Day access. We have gone through nearly 300 applications, and unfortunately cannot accept everyone due to sim limits, and designers and committee needing access as well. We have selected the amount that it is possible to accept, but we have everyones information still in the data base, so if anything changes, that will be the pool we select from. Also on the day once people who have finished with the sims start to leave, we will try and invite as many of the people that applied and didn’t get early access as we can. That will happen after 5pm SLT on the day. Remember this is ONLY early access to the event, the people that get in early only have access, they do not get bloggers packs, or any other special treatment. The event will open to everyone the next day, so even if you do not get early access, I do hope that you will still consider blogging the event, for your readers as well as helping us help Wigs for Kids the Charity of choice for this event.

There are no ‘Official Hair Fair Bloggers” this is only access so that bloggers can help us spread the word to their readership and promote the event, take pictures of the event location and gather any information that will help them do so…if you are not given early access but wish to communicate this information with press kits, please contact Sasy Scarborough…thank you again for everything you do that helps us help Wigs for Kids.

Those that have received early access will be contacted in the next 24 hours.

Hair Fair 2013 Join Us banner

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