How’s the weather at Hair Fair today?

We have done our best to make Hair Fair as lag free as possible, and so far it seems our efforts are paying off. The sims have been up for a little over 15 hours now, and I just took a stroll around to check the temperature. I’m happy to report time dilation is averaging better than 95% on all the sims, often running at 99%, and very rarely dipping down below 80%, so in terms of sim lag, it’s looking just great. The sims have been packed to capacity since we’ve opened to the public, so getting in or crossing sims may take a little patience, but once you’re where you want to be the shopping is smooth and easy.

On the client side, I have my draw cranked up to 1024 so I can see all four sims with shadows on and it’s working just fine. Your mileage may vary, but if you’ve got a strong computer that can handle that sort of thing don’t be afraid to crank your graphics up shoot some photos on Adorkable’s poseballs or just walking around. Enjoy the weather!

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