Bandana Day Kit Info

Bandana Day 2012 poster

Each year people from all over Second Life, help us raise money for Wigs for Kids by creating bandanas for us to sell at Hair Fair for Bandana Day – Bandana Day is always the last day of Hair Fair, were people remove their hair to show they care and wear the bandanas they have purchased during the event.

We provide the full perms kits, with templates for the ads, as well as the sculpted Bandanas that have been graciously created and donated to Hair Fair by Damien Fate.

All information is provided in a note card included in the kit, and once you have decorated, textured and created your bandana, they are then sent to CharitySasy String who sets them up for sale at the event for 50L each. In past years we have raised a great amount that has been added to the grand total that is donated to Wigs for Kids from the Second Life Community.

It has always been so heartwarming to see the little notes that creators have included with their bandanas explaining why they are taking part in this event – every year I end up in tears reading them as I set up and am so incredibly moved by peoples hearts in Second Life.

To get your Bandana Day Kit contact Sasy Scarborough in world, and one will be sent to you as soon as possible. The Bandanas must be returned to CharitySasy String by 30th June, so that we have enough time to set up all the vendors for the fair.


Info from Note-card in the kit:


1. Rez the bandanas and add your own textures or prims. Remember these also work as a lag reducing option for many, so please try and keep the items you add to it to a minimum. Be as creative as you want, but it is a must that anything you use on the bandana be legitimately yours to use – they must be full perms items you purchased, have permission to use, or have created yourself.
2. Take pictures of front and back and add it to the Vendor Ad template provided with your store logo on it. We would very much like the ads to stay the same, and you must not remove the Wigs for Kids or the Hair Fair info.

IMPORTANT :::The ad picture must be for ONE bandana only. If you are making a few then one ad is needed for each one. These pictures are for the actual boxes the bandanas will be sold from.

Even if both mens and womens are done with the same texture they must have separate pictures so people know which one to buy , this is very important!
3. Put bandanas, ad picture and your notecard in a folder and name it “Bandana Day (YOUR NAME/STORE)” and send back to CharitySasy String. ALL items except your personal notecard MUST be FULL PERMS. Your notecard, if you do one, can be NO MOD. Limit of 6 per person please.

I must get these back before hair fair starts NO later than the 30th June 2012

Again thank you so much for helping us make Bandana Day and Hair Fair 2012 a success!

For any further info please send CharitySasy String a notecard.
Hair Fair Committee

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

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