Hair Fair 2011

Hair Fair 2011 is only days away. Starting on Saturday the 2nd July and going until 15th July (Bandana Day) . This year ALL Hairstyles released at Hair Fair will be donation hairstyles. So that means no umming and ahing about choice, just buy buy buy lol.

Also don’t forget to join the Hair Fair DEMO Group as all demos will be sent out on friday in advance of the opening.

The money from all donations on hair, bandanas and ad space is going to Wigs for Kids, and a rep will be in world during the event, so if you see him say hi.

Special thanks in advance to all participants of this years Hair Fair 2011, it has been great seeing everyone helping eachother set up and talking in chat.

A big thanks to our building team, Damien Fate, Mel Vanbeeck, Washu Zebrastripe and Whimsy Winx who have done an incredible job on all four sims. The designers have also added a lot of flavour being inspired by the build. Another thank you to Adorkable Poses, as they have added a huge amount of fun to the builds with their poses. Great photo oppurtunities to be found all over the fair.

Exile and DCNY have made us a low lag outfit including hairbases for this year, and the outfit is fun and suits the theme really well, for guys and girls. The outfit is free, so be sure to grab one from the many signboards set up around the fairs sims.

Further thanks to Ashia Tomsen for running the Hair Fair Flickr Contest so passionately, and to all the people that entered and the winners. The winning pictures are set up on four stadiums at the fair, so consider clicking them to the flickr site and favouriting them when you have time.

For all of the other things involved in Hair Fair 2011’s set up thanks to Mikayla Kohl, Newdoll Nikolaidis, Gabby Panacek, Fiachra Lach and Autumn Hykova.


Hair Fair Banner 2011

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