Thank You

Donations made by Designers L$ 1,594,279

Bandana Sales – L$ 77,120

Grand Total –  L$ 1671399

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you, to all of the people involved in making Hair Fair 2010 such a success.

Our Sponsors :

Originally we thought that the same sponsors as last year would do so again this year, but with the economy how it is right now that was not possible. We have always had one sponsor for Hair Fair, and though this year we did not imagine that would be the case, ” A Secret Admirer ” came through for us. Many do not know that ” A Secret Admirer ”  part was just a temporary wording to be replaced in August with the new brand of some already well known content creators. That did not happen though due to deadlines etc, and so it stayed ‘A Secret Admirer” all the way through.

“A Secret Admirer” approached us just prior to Washu Zebrastripe having to pass the taks of Hair Fair Chair to Sasy Scarborough. Washu and her husband have always built Hair Fair, and with the offer of not only sims for this years event, but also offering to build the sims, and everything needed for the fair, it was a much appreciated offer.

Through the months the dedication to this event by “A Secret Admirer “and their team was something we will never forget,  and always will know from the comments and IM’s made by the Designers that participated that their work was definitely valued. The ooo’s and ahhhh’s that came about once the build was unveiled was just lovely…so much so that the minimum of decorating in individual booths was done, because they felt that the theme was there for them.

So thank you “A Secret Admirer ” for your genorisity with the sims, as well as your time, and creativity with the builds.

Our Committee :

As mentioned Washu Zebrastripe the official Chairperson of Hair Fair had to step aside this year, but we thank her for her support and faith in myself, and the team that we put together to do so. Kia Goodliffe, who was also unable to be part of the Committee this year due to RL, but was always in the background supporting and encouraging all that we did.

Teagan Blackthorne who due to RL family matters, had to take time out, but did an incredible job on posting all about hair fair on Savoir Hair, as well as posting on every participant in the weeks the event ran. She is also the content creator behind Tea Layne with Laynie Link.

Autumn Hykova : Owner of Tiny Bird Hair this is her second year on the Hair Fair committee, and this year she was the event coordinator for the opening launch party for Designers and their guests. This turned out to be so much fun, and is always a great way to unwind before the fair opens, and to have time to explore with friends and have much-needed fun after months of preparation.

Ashia Tomsen : Owner of Idiosyncrasy Skins , Fashion Blogger on Inventory Episode and owner of LCS. Ashia took on the very demanding role of duel organiser of our Annual Flickr Contest with Justice Infinity. Not only did she approach and accept prizes donated by an amazing assortment of designers from all over Second Life, but oversaw the day to day running and approving of all images that made it through the group to be judged upon by the Committee. Also due to her incredible dedication to the committee and the event itself Ashia helped the committee in possibly every single aspect of the fair. She gave of her time and energy as much as she could and was an incredible asset to the team, for which myself and others will always be truly greatful.

Fiachra Lach: Owner of Essentia Jewelry and Essentia Bridal...this is officially Fiachras first time on the committee, Committee Another Fundraiser, Wheelies Fundraiser. Anyone involved in previous years has known he has always helped behind the scenes with my contributions as well, down to even being the builder of the first ever Bandana for Bandana Day in 2007. He helped as Designer liason, and helped with organising and many of the other duties that are involved with Hair Fair each year. He is always my rock and was there for each of us to help whenever available, often logging in just to do so.

Justice Infinity : Co-Owner of BB with Ashia Tomsen, Justice was a no brainer when it came to asking her and Ashia to be part of the Flickr Contest organisers, both so enthusiastically artistic, not only is this a passion for Justice in SL, but her RL work is part of the artistic world wide community, she has well known artists at her fingertips, so to have her be part of what we are doing here is an honor, we are truly blessed to have such a dedicated team.

Mel Vanbeeck : Content Creator and Scripter, Hair Fair 2008/2009/2010, Another Fundraiser Scripter and Organiser, Wheelies Fundraiser Scripter he has created and done some amazing work with us and other events over the years, always giving of his time and skiills at Hair Fair, he has been the creator behind the Charity scripts used for the past 3 years. He has also been support for all of the committee members and a resource of knowledge when it comes to building and layout…he is also my much loved and cherished partner, and I am blessed during times such as these to have someone so incredibly stable cheering in my corner.

Sasy Scarborough : Owner of The Deck, Owner of What’s New SL, Fashion Blogger at, 4th year Hair Fair Committee, Organiser of Another Fundraiser, Wheelies Fundraiser, and Committee member of Skin & Shape Fair 2009. This years Hair Fair was passed to me to care for due to the RL health issues of Washu Zebrastripe, I felt honored and terrified all at the same time. This is my fourth Hair Fair, if it wasn’t for my friends who formed the committee around me, It would not have been the success it has been. Every one of them has given their all, and I am truly blessed and humbled to know such strong and courageous people.

Sofia Gray : Fashion Blogger for Chignon and all round Society Girl extraordinaire – Sofia was asked by myself early on if she would like to help with this years Hair Fair, due to her schedule RL she was not able to be in world as much as she would have liked, and it ended up being more of a support in name than function. But with any team there is always those that give that their all, you know you can IM them and ask for help, or advice, or if it is just to unwind and clear your head of all things nutty. Sofia has been on the Committee twice now, and I do hope that next year she is able to take on a more active role, if possible.

Whimsy Winx: Owner of W.Winx, Content Creator, Second year Hair Fair Committee, Another Fundraiser Commitee, Cafe Society Charity Events, Fashion Emergency Part Owner, Wheelies Fundraiser, Fashion Blogger for Virtually Dressed and Fashion Economy Stabiliser. This is Whimsy’s second year on the Hair Fair team, but has worked alongside me with other Charity events over the years, as well as been the Chairperson on many of her own through Cafe Society. With her help and marketing and communication skills she was able to provide support for not only the commitee but also many of the designers when needing help, as did all of the committee members when called upon.

All of the Committee members this year and years past have always given their all to this event, there has never been a doubt to their motivation, and this year more so than many as this years Wigs for Kids representative gave us an even more personal feeling of good works.We did everything we have done for the Children, we know that at the end of the day to change the life of a child in a positive way is the true inspiration behind this event. I for one am moved daily by the notes and IMs I have recieved from Designers participating and people that have been to the fair, as well as those that created Bandanas for Bandana Day, that they share their joys and their sometimes personal sorrows, to let us know how much this means to them.

Wigs for Kids:

This years Charity was Wigs for Kids, the charity has given us so much encouragment and understanding of what we were trying to do here, and they are overjoyed at the result. They sent their representative MarkGrande Carpaccio in world, spending time with him – his wife – and other commitee members was a highlight of the fair for us. Never before have we been able to personally communicate what it is Second Life is about, as well as show first hand the incredible work that so many do to make these events possible. So thank you Mark for understanding that Second Life is an incredibly Giving Community.

Hair Designers : Without you we would not have an event. It is your skills, your hearts and kindness that make these events something to be proud of. One designer told me how her child now thinks she is super because she explained what this event was for. The understanding that a child has for other children in need is priceless, and without your help we would not be able to do what we have done. To give half of what you earn for your creations, when what creators charge is so little to start with, is an amazing gift, and you should be truly proud of everything you have done. Weeks of preparation, months of anxiety over what styles, and the stress of setting up and so on, is all worth it to change the lives of not only a child, but their whole family.

What you have all donated this year will help a minimum of 2 children recieve the full hair system, they will no longer feel different from other kids on top of whatever illness they suffer from. they will be able to run, swim, play with others, and have beautiful hair that will move with them, and be maintaible for the rest of the time it is needed. So thank you all so much, for not only your genorosity, but also for making this fair so easy to be part of, your commitment was exceptional this year.

aDORKable Poses ; The official pose makers for Hair Fair 2010, due to their kindness and having watched them be part of many events and charitable works over the past year, it was with no hesitation that they were asked to be this years posemakers. We only wanted some poses to go alongside the props built as part of the build, and due to the secrecy involved it was also easy for us to know they could keep one. Our experience personally with the aDORKable team has shown that , and we were so happy that they accepted the invitation, so thank you so much for the lovely poses, and the charity donations you and your team also made during the event.

Bandana Creators: Not all bandana’s are created by Hair Makers, many of them are created and donated by residents from all over SL, some are content creators, some were bloggers, some are residents who do this every year to help in the way they can. All of it is appreciated, and this years bandanas were just gorgeous, so thank you all so much, for not only your bandanas but the small notes that made me cry, about why you are doing it.

Bloggers: If I could name you all I would. The dedication you all show to sharing the events of such worthy causes is always appreciated. Whether it be taking pics of all the styles, blogging in bandanas, or just posting ad info about the events, all of it is appreciated ten fold. Without bloggers dedicated to their readers and letting them know what it is that is happening in the community, these events woudn’t be able to reach as many or as far. So thank you to all of you, keep doing what you do.

Hair Fans: The people that purchased as many styles as they could manage, that also donated at the kiosks, and bought up many of the bandanas set for sale throughout the event, thanks to all of you for making this event so worth it, your appreciation of the designers works for such a good cause make it a lag filled joy to see. I know that attending events such as Hair Fair can take a lot of patience and the ability to wade through pea soup with your wellington boots full of rocks. But in the end it all comes out as you looking fabulous, and us being able to give so much money to Charity. So thank you for attending.

Extra special thanks to the Children, Parents, Loved Ones and everyone else that tolerated the committee in RL during the preparation for the fair, those we neglected, yelled at to close the door, and ones we told had to wait until after the 19th for real life things to occur.

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  1. Hy Sasy^^
    I would like to say that I found your post very cool and swet^^In thanks to the efforts of the HF team, friends, designers and all seeking help who needs in some way ^^ And I was particularly happy for you remember the bloggers \o/. Thank you so much!! And I waiting the next Hair Fair!!! :*


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