Why we chose Wigs for Kids

Those behind and on the scenes are working so hard to bring you this years Hair Fair 2010. Through the struggles and the intensity that is organising any event in SL, it is always the smallest of things that can move you through mountains. Whether it be a small message on a notecard from the people that have created a bandana – and believe me those notecards have me in tears every year. Or the walking through the event early and seeing that many don’t want to donate just one style at 50% but offer more because they choose to.

Sometimes I myself, or other committee members get random IMs from people we have never met before, that are so removed from our usual circles offering their support in any way they can. In the years past we have had people hold bandana day parties at clubs and workplaces. Had people ask to post our info on their own blogs in RL just so that their own readers who couldn’t attend would know a little more about the Charity we choose to give to in the end.

Hearing from content creators that it was Hair Fairs past that inspired them to attend the next years as a creator, all of those things just make every single blow a little easier to take. But nothing at all is as hard as it must be to see a child suffer, a child made to feel different through nothing they are responsible for, and nothing they can do to stop.

A man called Jeffrey Paul had his own niece crying on his shoulder asking for help 25 years ago, and that one request has lead to not only helping her, but to go on to help many children and families cope through trying times. Being ill is bad enough, but once recuperating or going through treatment, a child should never for one moment have to feel that they aren’t the same as every other child. Wigs for Kids gives a sense of sameness back to these children and for me that is a Charity to help…one that will not ask you who you are, or what you do, will not stack up the figures to see if you qualify for help, as long as you are a child in need you do…

You will find more info HERE and HERE

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