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One of the most exciting days of Hair Fair has always been Bloggers Day – this year it will be 3rd September. Exciting for the committee because it is a test run for the event, and exciting for the designers as their new releases are revealed to people from all over the world. In the hopes that they will share their creations through blog posts with amazing pictures and delightful insights.
This year we are making sure that enough notice is given for bloggers from all over Second Life to apply for admission to that event. It is limited in numbers, because the sims themselves have avatar limits, and there are many hundreds of bloggers.
Priority will be given of course to bloggers that did a lot of posts on the event last year, as well as those that feature and give credit to hair in their posts all year round. The bloggers must also be regular bloggers, with visible posts crediting them as author.

All bloggers applying will have to provide a link to their blogs, as well as a minimum of three blog posts relating to either Hair Fair past, or Posts that they feel are focused towards hair – no editing of previous posts.EDIT BELOW
Full Avatar name, as well as flickr link if you have one.
All applications are to be done in the comments of this post, the comments are moderated, the info will not show to the public. ONLY the committee will see the applications, this is not meant to be a cattle call, but we do not want to miss out on anyone due to Second Life lag, and the possible misdirection of notecards.
If you are not a fashion blogger, but an events blogger, who would like to do a feature on the event, please apply, we would love to see the event covered as a whole, including info about the charity Wigs for Kids etc.
You must have your comment application in by the 10th of August, as preparations for the event will need to be organised, and invitations sent out.Only one blogger per blog may be accepted due to limits.
Thank you All
Hair Fair Committee

EDIT : There seems to be some confusion as to what and who can apply for this. ALL fashion bloggers that wear hair in their posts, and credit hair in their posts can apply. Those that actually do mention in their posts that such and such released new, or that they got new hair, or that they love the new hair from, or that they wish such and such would make more new hair, because the hair they are wearing is from them and they love it  CAN APPLY TO BLOGGERS DAY. The ‘focus’ on and Hair posts part was to let those that never change their hair, and those that don’t credit the stores they get the hair from from know that they would not get access over those that do.

Those that are confused by that, it was not our intention to do so, the rest of the committee looked over the post first, and we didn’t read it as being too rule focused, if in doubt, think about WHO the people are on the committee, at least 5 of them are bloggers.


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