Thank You from the 2009 Hair Fair

We would like to thank everyone for a successful event.

We made L$2396658 total, and that came out to US$8895.49.

Our special thanks to our sponsors Beta Techonologies for providing Islands, build support, event support, donation support, and more, Illclan Studios for providing machinima as needed), MechanizedLife for creating the scripts for our vendors and kiosks as well as linking scripts with a database for easier management, and Hairspray for managing, chairing, building, and organizing the 2009 event.

Thank you to the 125 stores and their designers for participating in this event and taking your time and talent to donate proceeds to Locks of Love.

Thank you to all of the attendees who dug into their pockets and donated lindens for such a great cause.

Thank you to all of the bloggers for their generous coverage of the event.

Links to the 2009 Hair Fair Machinimas: Hair Fair 2009, Hair Fair 2009 – Meet the designers

Teagan Blackthorne’s appearance on Fabulous Fashion: SL6b Special (last 10 minutes of the program.)

Those interested in the sculpts used for the build they are now for sale on xStreet at Candy Land Sculpt Set, as seen at HairFair2009 or you can buy them in SL at Mirada.

2009 Hair Fair Flickr Groups:
Hair Fair 2009 “Show us Your Hair” Group
Hair Fair/Bandana Day
Hair Fair Booths
Hair Fair 2009 Official Vendors Group
Hair Fair 2009 Flickr Contest.

Author: Teagan

Divorced mom of 2 children with ADHD.

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