HF Auction & Bandana Day

Don’t forget that today is Bandana Day. It is the day that we everyone to remove their hair and wear special made bandanas to support the children of Locks of Love. Bandanas are for sale throughout the 2009 Hair Fair at all 4 landing points. Just look for the gumdrop backed display and you will find the Bandanas. 100% of the cost goes to Locks of Love.

bandana day

Even if you’ve already made through all of the Hair Fair booths, don’t forget that 11 designers are auctioning unique hairstyles in the auction area in the NE sim, so come back again to look at those and to bid on your favorites of course.

All of the auctions end on July 4!


Thanks to the following designers for these incredible donations.

Battle Angel
Lag Designs
Miau Haus
Milestone Creations
Philotic Energy
Stringer Mausoleum

We’d also like to thank Shep Korvin of Lucky Designs for his generous donation of all the BidBoxes we’re using for the auctions.

Author: Teagan

Divorced mom of 2 children with ADHD.

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