2009 Hair Fair Auction

In addition to all of the new gorgeous hairstyles available for purchase at Hair Fair 2009, 10 designers have donated unique, one-of-a-kind styles to auction off for our charity Locks of Love. Some styles are unique because of their texturing or added accessories, and others are completely new styles.Thank you to the following designers!

Battle Angel – Alexia Dreadlow

Exile – Kavar Cleanslate

Kiss – Elke Banting

Lag Designs – Vessus Candour

MiaSnow – MiaSnow Myriam

miau haus – Posy Trudeau

Milestone Creations – Miranda Milestone

NDN – trilochankaur Rehula

Philotic Energy – Aemilia Case

Sari’s – Sari Telling

We also thank Shep Korvin of Lucky Designs, who generously donated our auction system. Take a look at all of the auctions in person at the NE Hair Fair sim. Maybe you’ll be one of the winners when the auctions end on July 4!

Author: Teagan

Divorced mom of 2 children with ADHD.

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