Important to all

Hi All,

It has been brought to our attention that many are upset about not being invited to the pre opening of hair fair, we totally understand how that can be, it happens with so many events throughout the year. The day before Hair Fair has always been a crazy last minute setting up day, designers upset and stressed, tears and tantrums ( oh wait thats only me ) and unfortunately for some; computer issues that keep them locked out from setting up their booth until minutes before opening – prays for Helena Stringer to get in in time, so she isn’t upset.

It is the same confusion every year, last year though we decided to make it a sneak peak for a handful of people that may encourage many to come and donate with their hearts to this worthwhile cause, and buy some fabulous hair in the process. We never intended anyone to feel that they were not as important in the designer/blogger community, it is just that we cannot invite everyone on that day, but invite all to join us on the official opening day.

It is also a Prize for the winners of the Flickr Contest to have that access too, that they are VIPs for the day, and actually get a chance to run into other talented people like themselves, we are so happy to be able to share this day with a few, its our practice run also to make sure scripts are working and people let us know if things aren’t correct, beta testing if you will.

Hair Fair is never fully set up on this pre day, so people have to navigate around empty booths and designers, as well as random prims, so know full well that anyone that is here prior to will also have to return once it is open to really get the full feel of Hair Fair 2009.

We strongly hope that this in no way reflects on the efforts of the hundreds of people that have worked so hard for this event, not just the Committee but the Hair Designers, builders, scripters, and partners and friends that have endured months of preparation. We know deep down you understand how this has to be, and look forward to seeing you all at the Hair Fair.

Don’t forget that Bandana Day is the 3rd of July and those are placed around the fair for purchase, we hope that many bloggers will encourage others to replace their hair on this day.

Again thank you all for making this about Community Spirit not just the individual.

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