Hair Fair Application Deadline is Approaching

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The deadline for applications for the 2009 Hair Fair Expo is only 5 days away. So all of your last minute Charlies, get those applications in so you can be a part of the largest Hair Fair ever.

Application links:
*Designer Application (Please read the rules and FAQ before filling this out.)

Applications are due at the end of the day on May 9th.

For further inquiries or designer participation info, please contact:
*Washu Zebrastripe – Hair Fair Expo Co-chairperson
*Mikayla Kohl – Hair Fair Expo Co-chairperson
*Kia Goodliffe – Designer Liaison
*Sasy Scarborough – Charity Coordinator
*Teagan Blackthorne – Blog Coordinator

Don’t let the time run out on you.

*tick* *tick* *tick*

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