Tips for applying to the Hair Fair

Washu’s Tips for Designer applying to the Hair Fair.

Washu shared some general tips to keep in mind as we move forward towards the Hair Fair.

1.  Start building your hair now. Try to get more than the minimum of hair done, and you can pick your favorites to showcase.  If you wait to do your hair, you may panic and end up not getting at least 3 done.

2.  Do not plan a store rebranding/redesign/retexture around the Hair Fair. Designers do this every year and they become overwhelmed and *nothing* gets done by HF and customers miss out on your lovely work.

3.  Plan on creating a new dollarbie for your HF spot. People can make up their application costs with dollarbie sales alone.

4.  Remember that this is for charity and none of the coordinators get paid for this work. We are all helping children in need. 🙂

5.  You will be given a booth prior to the fair to design. Design this with LAG in mind. Sculpts do not rezz in high lag!

6.  If you have concerns please come to us ASAP before it gets too much to handle. we will do everything we can to help you through the fair.

Author: Teagan

Divorced mom of 2 children with ADHD.

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